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A saga over N-Deal.

Discussion in 'News & Politics' started by AnshuSinha, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. AnshuSinha

    AnshuSinha Senior IL'ite

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    This post is entirely based on personal opinion and does not intend to offend anyone here.Your thoughts to share are most welcome.

    Indian politics has been notorious for such dramas since long. This step towards N- deal is nothing but to get the sympathetic votes and trouncing at the right time with right strategies. This move is just to pull the wool over Indians by intriguing BJP’s one of the most powerful asset in coming general elections. If they really wanted this deal to happen with right perspective set for India, this could have taken place long back without much hassle. But congress was not willing to leave the political supremacy much before the scheduled elections.

    Now its time for elections, so in both the cases, they want to be the winners. By signing this deal, not only they will filch BJP’s one of the best opportunities to question Manmohan’s tenure but they can create a WIN-Win situation for themselves. Congress is preparing to portray themselves as a true Indian party, who does not bother for supreme power but cares for the betterment of India's development.

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