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A pledge of passion.

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Huma, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Huma

    Huma Silver IL'ite

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    Hi everybody.

    Don't be one of the seven million people whose New Year's resolutions fails so miserably......resolve to inspire your life.

    I will....cut caffeine.

    Look at when and why you crave it. Try herbal or fruit teas, and experiment with other ways of keeping going, such as a healthy snack and exercice .

    if cutting it out completely, be prepared for withdrawal, headaches caused by blood vessels in the brain dilating. Drink plenty of water and avoid painkillers, which often have caffeine in them.

    decaffeinated drinks aren't necessarily the answer. Most use chemicals in the decaffeination process..

    I will.....get fit.

    Don't join a gym if you never have time to go. Choose an activity which fits your lifestyle and personality. If you enjoy it, you're more likely to stick to it.

    If you're stretched for time, think about how you can fit activity into your existing routine. Try cycling or walking instead of using the car.

    Set a specific goal, such as getting fit enough to do a fun run on a certain date or being able to cycle around the block without running out of puff. Take your current level of fitness into account and make sure your target is achievable, but will still stretch you.

    I will....lose weight
    Look at why you're overweight, then tackle the underlying reason for your weight gain as well as physically reducing weight.

    Avoid fad diets. to lose weight and keep it off, you need a healthy eating plan which you can stick to.

    set a sensible weight-lose target. losing too much too soon is dangerous and counter-productive.

    Top tips.

    Find something which genuinely inspires you...it might be a particular activity or a reason for doing it.

    Set realistic targets....benchmarks will help you keep going, but don't expect to be a size ten by April if you're a size 16 now.

    Give yourself rewards, treats will help you keep going.

    Get support....having back-up when things get tough helps keep you on track.

    and finally think positively....celebrate what you've achieved and don't dwell on what's gone wrong.


  2. mums

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    Hi Huma.

    We can never fulfill any resolutions if we make it for the heck of it......

    I used to prepare resolution chart from 1st week of December and later break them before New years midnight.

    I agree with the point u have mentioned regarding diet and joining gym.

    Most of the time we dont evaluate what we need.......we just blindly make of follow things to convince others.

    May be we should stick to things which we can follow routinely without doing forcibly.

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