a phone call..

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    a phone call..

    she stood, away.. across the street.. dressed in a blue pink saree, at around twelve in the
    <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:smarttags" /><st1:time Hour="12" Minute="0">noon</st1:time>.. her hair was roughly tied in a bunch, she struggled to hold a bag on her left shoulder and another full of vegetables in her right hand.. all the while trying to hold a water bottle and a cell phone in her left hand.
    she was 25..

    as she waited for a taxi, her cell rang.. as she struggled with her bags and bottle to recieve the call her eyes caught this man standing across the street. standing next to his car, he was talking on his phone.
    dressed in a blue pin stripe shirt and black trousers.. his green tie completed his impeccably sauve look.. as if time had stopped for a moment.. she could hear nothing.. not the traffic blaring between him and her, not the cell phone ringing in her hand.. not her mind..

    and as someone pulled her saree, a car whizzed by, blaring a shrill horn and ringing her back to reality. her 3 year old son Ashu was pulling her saree, trying to switch her attention back to the ringing phone in her hand.she spoke to her husband on the phone, took the next cab.. and soon her cab was lost in the traffic.

    Her thought was a sin, people would say.. for her, she had lived a moment off her life, on that day...

    what is ur say?


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