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A Perspective on roles of Indian Women

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Ramavyasarajan, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Of Course Indian women have too many roles to play in their lifetime. Quite interesting.

    Daughter to parents, mother to children, sister to a brother and sister,Wife, daughter in law, sister in law, employer, employee and so on.

    Which role is most important? How can it be? is it not ambiguous to say that particular role of a women is the most important. Does it not sound like which part of your body you like?

    Every role played by a woman in India is important.

    As a daughter, she gives much pride to her parents. and makes her mother to enjoy and admire her beauty by putting various kinds of dress and jewels and admire her beauty.

    As a daughter she is more affectionate towards her parents for the life time.

    As a wife, yeah, it is quite astonishing, how she acts, as a well wisher, as a good teacher, as a minister, sometimes as a mother, as a cook, as a home maker and above all she gives her body mind and soul to her husband.

    It is also quite interesting that the woman who is born to parents, and living with them under their love and affection leaves her parents, brothers and sisters, kith and kin and above all her birth place immediately after she wears Mangal sutra from her husband, as if a plant is removed from its original place and planted on some other place. After coming to her husband's house she treats her husband's relatives as hers, though at the first instant by force, but she becomes one among the family and mingles there. So we say that after marriages the couples become better half to each other.

    Of Course sometimes the better half happens to be bitter half. But normally Indian women are such a great human beings who alone can shower their love and affection to a family which is not at all known to her before marriage. Of course this role is really liked by me.

    When we speak about the role of women as wife, it covers the entire area No. There she plays the role of a daughter-in -law to her parents in law, sister-in-law to her husbands brothers and sisters.

    The role of a mother in law is also important. As a mother in-law she guides the new arrival to her house as daughter in law in every aspect, she takes care of her grand children, and everything.

    It may look contradicting my own statement that every role played by a woman is important. Even now I stand on the same point. But I like the role of woman very much

    Lakshmi devi

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