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A Page from my diary dated 02.10.2008

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by kri, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. kri

    kri New IL'ite

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    Dear Diary,
    i sometimes wonder about the human body...
    the creation..
    From a single cell to a baby. what amazing thing in god's creation. A tiny heart that pumps blood and everything in a very primitive stage incubated in mother's womb for ten months.
    After 10 months the cute little angels see the outside world.
    Every mother in this world has her piece of heart on her child.
    Her heart is beating with the rhythmic tune Lub-Tub….singing the name of her child.
    There exists a heart other than his mother's that beats with the name Hithendran…A very touching and a humane activity that happened in TamilNadu… Everybody is now well aware of this heart breaking accident and the incidences that took place that really created a very good awareness about the idea of organ donation…

    Example of True Doctors… His parents… A true Example why doctors are called as life savers… I heard the father saying that this whole idea of organ donation was not at all decided in the first itself…He just said it when he was sitting in the hospital where his son was admitted. And he said that it is because of his studies that he said it.
    This is True Doctorship….

    And I cant even think of myself in the mother position.. How painful it will be??? Even in the midst of such hard situation the parents took a decision that has created a very great impact…

    I also learnt that only 64 organ donations have taken place since then was and in some foreign country(forgot which country), when somebody goes to visit heaven their corpse belongs to the government. .That kind of act is not at all possible in India…

    I liked the idea that was given by one of the doctors…
    he said ," In the driving licences the government should add the option for organ donation… In case of fatal accidents the person’s organ can be harvested medically and can be made useful to some other person…"

    It is just great that they did the heart transplant by taking the heart in a car 20 km just in 12 minutes…

    I pray wholeheartedly for Hithendran’s Family…

    For his heart to live…

    And his soul to rest in peace….

    Long live Hithendran

    Dear Friends
    i m carrying a card thats below always in case of any sudden happenings.
    Pls Do the same if you really wish to..
    Gift A life Even After U Die
    Sorry image is large..guess cant view them as whole.
    but u can save it ass a whole:)

  2. amihere

    amihere Platinum IL'ite

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    Kri a blog with a good message, will surely carry the card in my purse from here on:)
  3. Sheebavinod

    Sheebavinod Gold IL'ite

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    very informative write up dear, and a noble move as well. :)

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