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A PAGE FROM “MY” DIARY...(u can read)

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by ArabianDoll, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. ArabianDoll

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    Hello Tippy;(this is how i call my heavy diary..)

    It has been since so long (just 3 days ok...) i havent written to u..but i know u will understand me even if i don't confess to u thru writing.
    Why the hell i cant continue my master degree?So what if i belong to a conservative religious family?????Tippy, u say me ...Dont i have a right to education?
    yeah right!!!my family says its now time for their right to get me married off!!!
    Am i tooo bigger to get married?20 years old is a big number or what??i know i am big but why marriage now??Being a bride(iam not blushing...ok) at this age for a fun-loving dude like me is not something to feel proud and show -off. I just hate it for many reasons...who cares, whoever the guy is??marriage is sick and ridiculous(don’t ask me why)..
    I dont believe in education after marriage will give me same feeling as before it....and u see,in a busy family like mine it is hopeless!! I dont want to hear the option of coress.course now !Let me try try try first!!!!!

    I wanna study further yaar..the whole world is prone to changes in technology and innovative thinking but the exceptions can be applied to my famlily members...no logical thinking,only marriagical thinking(a most suitable word na !!)
    I know my parents are on my side to give me quality education but being in a joint family with all around,its not too good to be against them completely. Anyway.. what can my parents do if they are justified with sentimental reason that goes like.."paaty(grandma) wants to see my marriage stuff when she is healthy enough"(May God bless her)

    ya,u must know this,my parents r not 2 be blamed for this .i have written to u earlier proving this.
    Well,I can only sit and grumble to you like this and bang my head against the wall
    If i talk much or be stubborn they say,it is not good for a girl to be so loud and domineering.beleive me ,Iam a good girl Tippy..i dont want to be so rude to anybody...but circumstances makes it so!
    And even if iam not married,i cannot study 'coz there is no nearby colleges with MBA for girls alone.(what rules yaar??..i guess i have to construct one 4 me and then study..when will that be...2020?? )
    Other point of family's view is that even though if iam the best and the most well-behaved student,the society wont shut its mouth. Nobody has a courage to send me to hostel also.
    Tip,Did i tell u???i even gave up my lucky campus- interviewed job for the same reasons. It was the toughest interview I felt in starting but later after debating at home I felt that was far far better. Atleast ,the gave me high- grades and said I am smart!
    Dad was ready to send me but u see, once again the rules of family bugs me!
    To be frank,i actually planned earlier to use my MBA as a weapon to war against kalyanam.eeehhh..who wants to get married and act like a bid lady or something with responsibilities on <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:smarttags" /><st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">ur</st1:place></st1:City> head..( i dont mean literally anyway).uncle (my dad’s bro) says iam immature for giving silly reasons…so what? i don’t mind being immature…I want to have fun ,enjoy more and attain my goal.

    however, crowning MBA is worth for me..just 'coz i belong to the well-disciplined and well respected famlily,it doesnt me i dont deserve MBA...iam not that delicate enough to cross my limit...anyway its all over now. whats the point in justifying for pages and pages..
    I would infact love to stay with my paaty,maami,and others..but they always picturise to get me married and this is the great reason why i dont want to go back to ooru! but i need them too and that is why I listen 2 them also.
    I always wonder Tippy ..how its going to be..when i have to leave my family while tying knot with other family.Infact it is the most emotional moment of my life.Fine...i know oneday i have to b married...but why that one day has to be so close in my life!!!!!!!!! Just for 1.5 more years is what I beg for!
    I cannot do anything (i had tried enough..)otherthan patting myself that may be GOD has better things in store for me more than what that MBA can give!! Am i right Tippy?or u feel it is just an excuse im giving?i wish u had a mouth to speak!

    I know Tippy iam beating about the bush so i will end here now for today as it is getting too late. Dont forget…its not over, I still have to vent out my feelings.U have to bear me.
    As always, 'stay closed with prayers ~.'
    write to u very soon Tippy!
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  2. radhavenkatesh

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    dear arabian doll and tippy
    went through ur diary just now do u know one thing marriage isnt all tht bad
    and education after marriage is also not so difficult as u expect
    let me tell you a suggestion
    tell your parents you are only 20 if u can speak up to them and they could wait for one more year in mean time you could enrol yourslf into ur MBA class and when a perfect match comes by u could date for sometime have the pleasures and sweet nothings for a couple of months tht makes your time for education lenghthen and finally get married and finish your education so just imagine how many experiences you could gain
    cheer up its true grand parents want to see u married off but at the same time its always better to tell u wil get married and slow the process wot say?
    who knws ur prince charming wud be waiting for u :)
    dont worry marriage is not all tht frightening else all wud not be getting married
    bye tc

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