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a lesson on stress management...?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sathya, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. sathya

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    I am trying to write a book on stress management…books take a long time to write…sometimes you know the whole matter…it is just a matter of time taken to pen.. get it typed..proof read and get it printed..!! some books need a thorough research ..with a few experiences to guide..some experiences related through others …like case histories for the text …
    Some books are guides …they just tell you what you have in mind.. and when you do write..it almost compels you to copy the words..only experience tells you it is not wise to do it…..when you ponder over the matter…you do think of better things to say and sometimes it is an altogether new theory..which is entirely new and has never been told/thought of by anyone..

    Here is one such experience:…………
    I came back from a short visit to Bangalore…we had a swell time rushing here and there eating out with the whole family in a small restaurant ..to celebrate my brother’s fiftieth birthday..then rush back and cut a cake…purely homemade by my sister’s daughter..and tasted swell but for the matter that our stomach was double full and the cake can’t wait as we have to leave to catch the train….!!

    Getting out of line from the book? So here…
    I arrived to find the garden all neat and tidy…something I have been wanting to do for a very long time but couldn’t find anyone to help..so just as I was thinking ya that was a swell way to greet or miss someone…I found a plant I have been trying to `vine’ over a tree all uprooted and gone… so where is it…I yelled , who do I report to? People who were on the job didn’t realize just how much I loved that plant.. I had collected it from a nursery when I had gone visiting a temple down south quite a few years back…this vine was stubborn and would send just a few shoots to `show’ it is alive..i did all the manuring, the digging and replanting in sun..then after a while in shade.. then more near the tree that looked like a nice support…and yes the toil did bear some fruit after some time..there was quite a lot of new leaves all tender and a small tendril was coming out…but alas now, the plant was totally missing…

    And just when I was missing the plant …the panchakavya drum I had prepared more than six months back was totally empty..they must have `cleaned’ it because it was smelly..(it usually doesn’t smell after six months..but who is to listen to my logic?)
    I really cried..Vijay didn’t know what to do..he just pleaded ignorance..he had not ordered the cleaning…

    I cried ..called all names..dug up a few more plants( luckily they were weeds..!) vowed that I will not tend to plants anymore or just go away..! I spent quite sometime brooding…Vijay tried digging up the weeds and plants on the compost pile..there were more weeds than anyone can imagine..if it weren’t for the plant I had lost ..i would have said good work..more next time…!
    And all of a sudden Vijay pulled out a dying green thing… ya thank god ..
    I got it back..Vijay was really relieved ..or he would have had to use a few tricks on stress management with a ```yelling on top of her voice wife..’’’’!!
    I have immersed it in water..have to replant it after sometime..and hope yes hope it will come alive with new shoots and flowers…
    A small lesson on stress management I thought ..it did turn out fine afterall…luckily for me and also for the plant…which I hope will be greatful with more new shoots and flowers…!

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  2. Arunarc

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    Hello Satya
    That was a nice article on stress management...
    1st yell and then be calm..:) Thank God you found that plant. Sometimes plants get hidden in between the weeds and after sometimes if we don't clean up these weeds, possible that the good plants will die off.

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