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A Day For Accountant-chitra Paurnami

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. jayasala42

    jayasala42 IL Hall of Fame

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    International Accounting Day or International
    Accountant’s Day is celebrated all around the
    world every year to give recognition to
    accountants who do highly challenging and
    stressful job that very few people want to
    do.In most parts of the world, November 10 is
    considered as an official International
    Accounting Day.
    Since, most of the companies are going
    global, the accountants have to deal with day to
    day challenges like, improving transparency,
    accountability, governance, harmonization, and
    adding value to facilitate the smooth running of
    business operations.
    Paper work is the largest overhead expense in
    any organization and active files grow min at
    the rate of 20%. Managers spend nearly 15% of
    working hrs in tracing misfiled,mislabelled,
    untracked and lost information.
    Every year International Archieves'Day in
    celebrated on 9th June.
    While celebrations of these days are of very
    recent origin, we have been celebrating this
    Accountant's Day in India for ages, that is on
    Chaitra Paurnami Day, to fall on 29th Apr this
    According to the Vedic scriptures, the souls of
    men after death receive rewards and
    punishments according to their sins and virtues,
    and hence it is believed that good and bad
    deeds of men are not destroyed. The souls of
    men after death , with imprints of good and bad
    deeds go to Yamapuri where such
    records are maintained by the efficient
    Accountant Chithra Guptha..

    Chithra Guptha aliasChittira Puttiranaar, is
    the Master Record
    Keeper of our sins and gains.Pooja with
    sincerity is bound to increase your stockpile
    of good deeds for Judgement Day.
    The legend goes that
    Chitra Guptha was created out of sheer
    necessity by Brahma, who also created the
    three worlds. Brahma handed over the
    legions of the dead to Yama Dharma Raja,
    as also the tedious task of punishing or
    rewarding the souls of people, based on
    their actions in life. Yama, as every
    took up the task with much enthusiasm,
    little realising the risks involved in
    his unenviable
    job. Times passed, and mistakes began to
    occur. He took the lives of young ones and
    allowed the oldies to live on, he banished
    the innocent to hell and welcomed the
    rogues into heaven, and very soon, started
    protests. Having no other go, he did what
    every confused employee does, report to the
    Boss. He rushed to Satyaloka and stood
    before Brahma, and poured out his tale of
    tragedy. Brahma sat deep in thought, and
    looked at him. “I have but one thing to say,
    lets go to Shiva. He must have a way out.”
    And together, they left to Kailasha,. Brahma
    and Yama bowed low before Shiva-Parvathi
    and explained the reason for their visit.
    Brahma prayed, “Parameshwara, Yama has
    been having troubles in keeping the Akashic
    records. He has been confused with time
    has meted out the wrong judgement to the
    wrong persons and species. The whole of
    creation now lives in the peril of wrong
    judgement at the end of their respective
    times. You only have to show us a way out
    this Prabho”.

    Shiva gave a glance at Parvathi, who with
    slightest of nods, took up a golden slate and
    with a chalk drew a handsome man, richly
    adorned with jewels and gems. Shiva leaned
    closer to Parvathi and bent down towards
    the slate. Gently, he blew away the chalk
    dust to clear up the picture.
    Lo and Behold, before them stood a man, the
    very replica of the picture on the slate. He held a stylus in one hand and a thick bundle of palm leaves in the other. Shiva had indeed blown the “Air of Life”, Praana Vaayu, into the picture and given him life. Shiva nodded at his own creation, and said, “My Son, since you were born out of a picture drawn by Shakthi and breathed to life by me, you will be henceforth called as Chitragupta (Chitra-Picture, Gupta- hidden) Go along with Yama and help him maintain the records of all human activities. At the end of one’s life, it is based on your advice that Yama will offer him the fruit of his actions. You will be respected as an equal to Yama himself. Be loyal, just and be a shining example to all of mankind as the perfect being. My blessings ”
    Chitragupta bowed low to his parents and
    with all humility answered, “Your wish will
    my command.” With that he left to
    Chitragupta was the best thing that
    happened to Yamaloka. He was very
    and maintained a strict record of the doings
    of every human and god. Nothing escaped
    his sharp eye. In the process of maintaining
    these complicated records Chitragupta gave
    mankind one of the best gifts ever, the gift
    a scripted language. Chitragupta is thought
    to be the person who introduced the very
    first scripts.
    There is also another legend.
    Once Indra and Indrani, desirous of a
    progeny, took a long penance unto Shiva.
    Maheshwara, happy with their prayers then
    ordered Chitragupta himself to be re-born to
    Indrani. Chitragupta, however, immediately
    looked at his bunch of palm leaves and told
    Eshwara, “My lord, Indrani is not destined to
    have a child. It would be totally improper for
    me, the keeper of all just records and the
    assistant to Yama to go against fate and
    change her destiny. I am sorry to say this
    Indrani having a child can just not happen.”
    Shiva marvelled at the level of Chitragupta’s knowledge, but he still wanted Indra’s wish to be fulfilled. An idea formed in his mind and he sent for the divine cow, Kamadhenu. Kamadhenu arrived, shining with divine splendour. She came and bowed before Shiva and Chitragupta and stood waiting for her commands. Shiva smiled at her, “Chitragupta, there has been no purer life than Kamadhenu. Will you be born to her?”, he questioned Chitragupta. Chitragupta beamed back, “It would be a honour for me to have her as my mother, my lord.” Shiva then turned back to Kamadhenu and told her, “Gomaatha, go to Indra’s palace and be Indrani’s pet. Chitragupta will be born to you on an auspicious day. Indra’s palace too will soon echo with the cries of a baby.”
    Kamadhenu obediently took shelter in
    Indra’s palace. Indrani was delighted to have
    the divine cow and treated her with much
    respect and love. Days passed, and then
    Kamadhenu became pregnant with the
    power of Chitragupta. Indrani was
    ecstatic and did all that she could to make
    the cow as comfortable as possible. Then,
    on one fine day in the month of Chithirai,
    when Chandra was gleaming at his fullest
    extent, and the star of Chitra was on the
    Kamadhenu gave birth to a beautiful young
    boy. Chitragupta was born in the palace of
    Indra, to relieve him of his sadness of being
    childless. Joy flowed through the palace as
    Indrani lifted up the child and with tears
    streaming down her cheeks, named him
    Chitragupta all over again.
    It is this birth of Chitragupta that is widely
    celebrated in Tamil Nadu on Chitra

    The Chitra Pournami Vratha is
    believed to relieve everyone of their sins
    and problems, just like Chitragupta had
    alleviated the sadness of Indra and Indrani.

    Chitragupta Pooja, done once a year in
    Chithrai on Pournami day amidst much
    ritualistic actions and vedic chanting.
    The glory of Chitragupta pooja is extolled in
    Garuda Purana , where much detail is given
    to the job of Chitragupta and his possible
    judgements to the souls.
    In many houses this is celebrated on the first day
    of Chithirai month.Chitra Guptha is stated to enter the house
    through Kolam, Kalasha and then leave the house after blessing the inmates.
    an important
    part of the vratha.
    There are many temples for Chitra Guptha
    over India.
    The temple of Chitragupta in Kanchi sees
    huge crowds on that day. It is one of the
    few temples dedicated to Chitragupta in
    India and the only one in Tamil Nadu. This
    temple was built by a king named Senni, one
    of the rulers of Kanchi. Kanchi is often
    highly extolled as “Satyavratha Kshetra”,
    where the people strictly observe the vow of
    speaking nothing but the truth. What better
    place for the upholder of truth to establish
    his presence?
    Here Chitragupta gives darshan with his wife
    Karnaambikai. Also known as Karnaki, she
    bore him eight sons who are considered to
    be the forefathers of the Karuneegar
    community of Karnataka. In the sanctum,
    Chitragupta is in a standing posture with his
    book and a writing nail, a sign of ever
    watchfullness over everyone. On the day of
    Chitra Pournami, a grand wedding is held at
    the temple between Chitragupta and Karnaki.
    Thousands flock to attend the wedding and
    take part in the special poojas held at the

    There appears to be a scientific reason as to
    why Chithra paurnami was chosen and not
    any other Full Moon Day.
    In the month of Chithirai, the Sun is in
    exalted position( uchcham) close to the

    and moon is aligned with the bright star'
    Chithira'in the constellation of LIBRA.
    Libra is the sign that seeks balance.Your
    mind is prepared to balance thoughts
    properly and you are empowered to make
    karmic choices by way of worshipping
    Gupta, the divine accountant.

    Whether all these stories appeal to
    reasoning or not, it is an undeniable fact
    some of our sufferings are beyond our
    comprehension and we feel some what
    relieved if someone takes the initiative of
    wiping of our sins automatically or by
    motivating us to do good things like
    charities to ward off the evils.All is well that
    ends well.

    Jayasala 42

  2. iamsrihere

    iamsrihere Platinum IL'ite

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    Loved your writing mam:)

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