A Commentary On Bhaja Govindam

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    Do service in the name of God
    The time you are born you are bound to die someday
    So the meaningless rituals and myths you carry today in the name of God hold no water as you are not going to exist tomorrow
    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and service to others should be our aim but if we just go on selfishly pursuing our goals for material pursuits we may gain friendship which is temporary and will not last when we are of no use. Even our relatives won't help us in times of need that's human nature.
    Time is short so be productive
    Our earth is our natural bed which gives us comforts
    Our universe is our roof
    If we go for material pursuits at the cost of nature we can't get peace
    Even a small service in the name of God will make our life fulfilling that we will be ready to embrace even death without guilty conscience
    This world is a cycle of births and deaths Kings will change Leaders will change only our contribution will be eternal and make or mar humanity depending on how we contributed
    Don't indulge in unnecessary arguments
    It won't make anyone happy. In our selfish pursuits we have got so lost that even a father is scared of his property being usurped by his son
    Win over others with your service and always be ready to help to the needy by whatever way you can
    If you follow these as a practice you will find that God resides nowhere but in your hearts
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