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A bohemian princess succumbs and a billion grieve !

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Chokkanayaki, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Chokkanayaki

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    A little nightingale flew away from its nest,and lost its way in the wilderness.Slowly, it made it's way into a labyrinth, inside the urban jungle,and on a stony path ridden with prickly thorns.Mama had said "You are now free to face the world on your own."

    The birdie was delighted and started exploring the world,unawares of the dangers ahead.....as dark eagles, hawk eyed,hovering up above in the skies, were waiting to swoop upon it.

    I woke up startled,in a state of daze.I see a little bird,bruised and lifeless.I see her in my dreams,I see her when I am awake.......a blurred image of a damsel in distress,in need of help and I am also helpless.....It's a shadow that lurks day and night and follows me wherever I go...That's not me and yet its my shadow.....

    She is her Mama's child,her Papa's dearest daughter,a bubbly sister,a lively niece and a friend to many....YET ! I KNOW HER NOT.....
    She is a colourful butterfly with delicate wings and she wanted to fly.She had a desire I know,a dream to follow.She loved and was loved dearly...YET I KNOW HER NOT.......

    An achiever,she had dared to rebel.She was brave and she spoke.Alas ! We are timid and silent.She did not cry but I am inconsolable.She is stoic,I am in pain.I feel her blood rushing in my veins and my senses are numb....YET I KNOW HER NOT....

    With a brazen look,I stared into the mirror that reflects whatever I see .My limbs are frozen as the image seems to echo......Modest Thou are Dear Woman......but Thou WILL NOT BE FRAGILE.......

  2. shyamala1234

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    A good one. The Nightingales which fly away are quite strong.....we think they are not. They can survive, face life boldly, explore new things...they are capable. We have to let them go at some point and after a while we also very happy to see their growth.....though we experience empty nest syndrome. Didn't we all come away like that?


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