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6 year old DS is arrogant and cries a lot when I drop at school :(

Discussion in 'Schoolgoers & Teens' started by MahiSree, Jun 15, 2015.

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    It is very important to pay attention when kids show differences as such. My son is 4 yrs. He has been going to KG since 2.5, and always happy about it. He is extremely good at his studies and extra curricular too. He has been always the teachers' pet, and quite talkative too.

    Now I have changed him to a different nursery as the principal of the older School left; hence suggested some of her close circle to change the School. This new School was also fine to my son until very recently. But suddenly he started crying, and refusing to go.
    I have posted a thread about it here earlier.

    When I inquired, he told the new teacher hits him with a tiny cane, which he feels so insulted and embarrassed about. I checked the same with the teacher, and in her account she openly agreed that she uses a cane, and slightly hit on kids who talk much.

    My son felt really uncomfortable, and fearful. He stopped talking much, and even feared to ask to go to washroom once. Therefore he hated the School, and wanted to go back to his old School.

    I immediately reacted to it. Changed his School, and now he is happy.

    If this issue was left untreated, that will suffocate the kid's feelings and influence in their future life. Please analyze.
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    @MahiSree It looks like a case of separation anxiety, He could also be fearing something in his school. Are they pressurizing him to eat? I used to cry to go to school because they asked me to finish my lunch. In all other aspects I used to enjoy school.

    Also why do you say he is arrogant? If he is using abusive words, then he probably has learnt it from someone. Can you talk to the person and tell them it is creating problem for the child at school?
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    @mahishree I think something in ur ds's school is bothering him. Talk to him in detail about his school what he like snd what he dislikes.my daughter was fine in. A play school and when I moved her to a new school she said that she hated school and she doesn't want to go there. I was shocked becaus she is. A. Very outgoing girl who always love to see people , mingle with them and have fun.

    When I slowly spoke to her and started discussing as what she liked and disliked, I got to know that her teacher was too strict and h's less patience in dealing with children. We met the teacher couple of times and tried to make her. Understand that the children are still too small to expect them to be. Well disciplined. This worked. And the problem settled.

    There. Might. Be issues with
    1) teachers,
    2) aayahs(caretakers)
    3) bullies in classs
    4) wrong approach of someone in school towards the child( my van ayah used. To hit me till she got her monthly tip from my mom even when I was in kg classes)

    I feel that the child has something unpleasant about the school. Please do not tell that you wouldn't talk to him if he's not going to school.. This will further put the child in emotional stress. Talk to him and find out the reason and ensure that you are always there for him? This is very very important to make children confident!

    All the best!
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    @mahisree something similar happened to a friend's daughter. the cheery always smiling kiddo started crying everyday after getting to 1st.

    We, a group of friends, discussed, eliminated a lot and came to the conclusion, that writing work was more in 1st compared to the kg. and some kids are not willing to write so much. the monotonous classwork and repetitions gets on to these kiddos who had a fun time in playful kg. It is more difficult after a 2 months break. Even adults have monday blues after a weekend.

    so it is only a transition phase as his teacher assures he is ok after the first class. do explain to him, that as you go to higher classes, the school thinks you are a big boy and you need to learn more because you and his teachers think his brain is smart. show him examples like how he is able to solve puzzles faster, read stories more easily.

    Talk to him about being polite, and not swearing. i am sure you will find story books, book boards to drive the same idea.

    do not emotionally blackmail a child with not talking to him, unless it is a very serious issues. these are simple transition issues and he will be fine.

    just cheer and encourage him for doing his work at school so well.

    Happy school days.

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