57 ways of winning your husband’s love

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    husband is the road to paradise ? Then why do we have God for at all ?
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    Why not go more backward by adding this??

    Touch your husband's feet every morning and get his blessings before you start your day :rotfl

    As someone rightly said, husband and wife should be good friends and have mutual respect for each other. Why should I marry if I have to wash someone's hands and feet everyday???

    I am sorry for the rude comments, reading some of the rules made my blood boil.
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    i know indian is male dominating society but dont u think that husband should also try to please his wife. any tips for that..... ??
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    very nice write up

    thanks for sharing
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    Yes, it is almost like the wife should be like an air hostess but in a 5 star hotel. :rotflTHese rules would definitely be written by a man.:bonk
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    Hi Friends,
    this thread is very useful to have a happy married life. When we have no patience and if there is ego we cant have a happy married life...this is just a points to win your husband's love. This is my point of view. Thanks dear for posting this article...

    And for those who have asked the same for Husbands...I have posted the 81 ways to win wife's love...pls share this to your loved ones if you agree.

    The married ones - read to learn and correct,
    The engaged ones - read to prepare,
    The very bachelors - read just like a story book!! Coz u won't understand a

    1. Make her feel secure, don't threaten her with divorce.
    2. Give sincere Wishes.
    3. Treat her gently, like a fragile vessel.
    4. Advise in private, at the best time, in the best way and atmosphere.
    5. Be generous with her.
    6. Warm the seat for her, you will warm her heart.
    7. Avoid anger, be in patience at all times.
    8. Look good and smell great for your wife.
    9. Don't be rigid or harsh-hearted or you will be broken.
    10. Be a good listener.
    11. Yes for flattery. No for arguing.
    12. Call your wife with the best names, cute nicknames, and names she loves to hear.
    13. A pleasant surprise.
    14. Preserve and guard the tongue.
    15. Expect, accept, and overlook her shortcomings.
    16. Give sincere compliments.
    17. Encourage her to keep good relations with her family.
    18. Speak of the topic of her interest.
    19. Express to her relatives, how wonderful she is.
    20. Give each other gifts.
    21. Get rid of routine, surprise her.
    22. Have a good opinion of each other.
    23. Have good manners, overlook small things, don't nitpick.
    24. Add a drop of patience, increase during pregnancy, menses.
    25. Expect and respect her jealously.
    26. Be humble.
    27. Sacrifice your happiness for hers.
    28. Help at home, with housework.
    29. Help her love your relatives, but don't try to force her.
    30. Let her know that she is the ideal wife for you.
    31. Remember your wife in Prayers.
    32. Leave the past for God, don't dwell on, dig into, or bring it up.
    33. Don't act as if you are doing her a favor by working or providing, God
    is the Provider, the husband is the carrier of the sustenance to the family.
    34. Take Evil as your enemy, not your wife.
    35. Put food in your wife's mouth.
    36. Treat your wife like she is the most precious pearl that you want to protect.
    37. Show her your smile.
    38. Don't ignore the small things, deal with them before they be come big.
    39. Avoid being harsh-hearted.
    40. Respect and show that you appreciate her thinking.
    41. Help her to find and build her inner strengths and skills.
    42. Respect that she might not be in mood for intimacy, stay within boundaries.
    43. Help her take care of the children.
    44. Give her gifts with your tongue, be an artist with your compliments.
    45. Sit down and eat meals together.
    46. Let her know that you will be traveling or returning from travel, give her sufficient notice.
    47. Don't leave home in anger.
    48. Maintain the secrecy and privacy of the home.
    49. Encourage each other in worship.
    50. Respect and fulfill her rights upon you.
    51. Live with her in kindness, goodness, fairness in good and bad times.
    52. Kiss your wife, foreplay, don't jump on her like a bull.
    53. Keep disputes between the two of you, don't take it outside.
    54. Show care for her health and well-being.
    55. Remember you are not always right or perfect yourself.
    56. Share your happiness and sadness with her.
    57. Have mercy for her weaknesses.
    58. Be a firm support for her to lean on.
    59. Accept her as is, she is a package deal.
    60. Have a good intention for her.
    61. Cook a dish for her.
    62. Designate a nice, clean, spacious area in your home for the two of you
    to pray at night whenever you can.
    63. Women love flowers. Make a trail of them on the floor leading to the
    gift you made for her.
    64. Give her a nice massage when she least expects it.
    65. Send your wife a text message out of the blue with a message of love.
    66. Send your wife an email without a reason.
    67. Go out on a date or a get-away for the weekend in a nice location,
    preferably without kids.
    68. Do something for your wife's family, whether it is a gift, or a chat
    with her teen brother who needs mentoring, or whatever. It will get you lots of brownie points.
    69. Do not keep reminding and demanding your rights all the time.
    70. Shop groceries for her and call her from the store and ask her what she
    needs for the home, for herself or for her to give to people as gifts.
    71. Ask her if she would like to invite her female friends over for ladies
    only get together and arrange for the dinner.
    72. Ask her to send gifts to her parents and siblings.
    73. Help her parents pay off debt. Send her poor relatives some money.
    74. Write love notes or poems and place them in the book she's been reading.
    75. If she tells you something she had just learned from a book, do not dismiss her or ridicule her effort, instead listen to her and
    take her word.
    76. Plant her a kitchen garden with all kind of herbs she needs for cooking.
    77. Adopt a kitten for her if she likes.
    78. Update her PC or laptop with a new one or get her a new mobile phone.
    79. Learn to do a special massage technique and surprise her with your new expertise.
    80. Teach your children to respect and honor their mother.
    81. Be humorous with her when she makes a mistake in the kitchen (like when she put too much salt or burnt her baking).

    Hope everyone need all this from our Partners...may be they can start following atleast few from this points...Good Luck...:thumbsup

    i want to add points in ways to make husband happy....

    1-never destroy the beauty of private intimate moments with personal,family or house-hold problems,its time for u both to escape into fantasy world and enjoy and have fun

    2-there are many ways to tempt in the world and one of them is the glamour,specially for females.its great to be sweet tender llovable, but try being sexy n romantic for a change sometimes and let ur husband laugh or admire ur new get-up or style.this way he will be completely satisfied and keep u satisfied in return.

    3: men are often BIG KIDS they need the tenderness and love like mother from their wives often.an intelligent wife does this without ever letting him know.believe me it will make ur husband extremely happy
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    One of the main components of a happy marriage is that the spouses are able to forgive, that they do not hold grudges or act judgmental towards each other. It is expected that when we live with someone, situations may arise when we end up saying or doing things that hurt our spouses. The challenge is not to dwell on it or lay blame but to move past it. This can only happen if we are not too proud to ask for forgiveness and we are not stingy to forgive.If we expect God to forgive us than we must learn to forgive....

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