20 Reasons for why Woman are better than men

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    1. Women can go a day without showering or shaving and not look or smell disgusting - thank god for long pants and perfume!
    2. We can connive men into doing our homework, writing our papers or carrying our books anytime we want
    3. We don’t have excessive amounts of body hair
    4. We don’t spend 45 minutes on the toilet

    1. Men will pay us for sex
    2. Smoking the seeds in marijuana doesn’t make us sterile
    3. We can throw a punch at a man and not get hit in return 69.
    4. Men may fantasize about having sex with more than one woman at a time, but we can have sex with an entire football team at once if we want
    5. Men walk on the side of the sidewalk closest to the road so that if a car hits us, he gets hurt and not us
    6. Women sweat less
    7. Women smell better
    8. When women make their boyfriends mad, we don’t have to waste money on flowers or cards - a blowjob and sex fixes all
    9. Men are more often serial killers, thieves, rapists and cheats
    10. Women don’t get the humor in the three stooges
    11. Women have three accessible holes
    12. We don’t get embarrassed when buying tampons
    13. We’re better gossips
    14. We have better fashion sense
    15. Normally men's sweat heavily
    16. We’re better shoppers

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