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2 month infant with chronic nasal congestion

Discussion in 'Infants' started by suvashree, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. suvashree

    suvashree New IL'ite

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    My Infant is 2 months + as on 18-dec-07. she was born with a nasal anomaly due to which her nose air passage is narrow and nose is depressed - i.e. she has a flat nose. due to this she has chronic nasal congestion.

    i am using saline drops frequntly and also using a nasal aspirator ( a nose cleaner). however, sinse she has a flat nose, the nose cleaner cannot be inserted properly to pull out mucous.

    can anyone suggest any home remedies that can be used to prevent chronic congestion and also to clean her nose.i have heard roasted ajwain fumes (from a heated tawa) and also ajwain compressions are good. pl let me know your views.

    any other solution? homeopathy or ayurved?

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  2. dsrini

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    Hi Suvashree

    I am using this method to clear congestion.

    Doctor has advised me to use vaporizer. I will put few pinches of salt in that and when the steam comes I show my daughter's face(as doctor advised) not too close. This really helps to clear the mucus and to breath easily. But when it clears it comes out of the mouth (vomit) but don't worry it will clear.

    I panicked when I saw her vomit but doc said its clearing nothing to worry.
    But do ask your pediatrician in using a vaporizer.

    My mom said mixing turmeric & Breast milk and applying that in the forehead will really help but may sure you get good turmeric coz of the allergy factor, I didn't try this one coz I am not sure about the quality also my daughter had eczema problem(red rashes on the skin) so I was afraid to apply anything on her skin. But my mom said it will really help for the cold.

    Hope this helps.

    Wishes for your little one to get well soon.
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