11 things men do not know about women

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    1 We love it and are very touched when you cook a nice meal for us after a hard day's work. Though we still want to be known as better cooks, and hate it when you take all the limelight!

    2 We hate ego trips in the relationship. No matter how small they are, they go against a woman's Cancerian instincts of nurturing and being nurtured.

    3 We want you to help us evolve, to find our true potential and ourselves, and not stand in our way feeling insecure or jealous. Today, our Goddess-like nature is just waiting to be revealed and the sooner you recognise it, the better it will be for you guys and us!

    4 We would reeeally love it if you learned to give a good body massage, because we love to be stroked and sometimes, a good massage is better than sex!

    5 And speaking of sex, foreplay is not the name of a band.

    6We would like you to be more open about your doubts, fears and anxieties (we understand that you are men!) and would always be there to stand by you. We have an infinite capacity to be compassionate and caring, strong and supportive.

    7 We know that life is going to throw up challenges. They could come from anywhere and shake us up. But every obstacle we face together, every issue we resolve together, makes us stronger and more open and honest with each other.

    8 A great body is definitely a turn on. But guys, don't become muscle heads as well! We would love to know that your intelligence and IQ are not merely skin deep.

    9 We really don't like roughing it on holidays, no matter what you think. We still want the luxurious scented bath at the end of the day.

    10 We would be absolutely overjoyed if you Indian men stopped hacking and spitting gobs of nasty stuff on our roads!

    11 And you know what-we really are better drivers!

    (By Kittu Gidwani)

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