101 Romantic tips to enhance ur love life..

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    Have you ever been for a loss of words when you wanted to say those three little ones? Well I know some of you have. Here are some ideas that might help you out when you want to say more than . I Love You..
    Love yourself before you love anyone else.
    1.. Don. t just love each other, like each other too.
    2.. Tell her/him why you love her/him.
    3.. Be affectionate to her/him. (Not sexual.)
    4.. Say I love you to each other, at least once in every 24 hour period.
    5.. Tell your lover you are their love Genie and you will grant him/her three wishes. Things get quite interesting...
    6.. Make memories together.
    7.. Never forget that the simple things in life make life worth living.
    8.. The most cherished gifts are the ones that come from the heart, not the wallet... make gifts for her/him.
    9.. Have a night that is worth $1,000,000 dollars, but on a $10 dollar budget.
    10.. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
    11.. Instead of going out on a date, plan an evening at home, turn off the lights, burn scented candles, watch the sunset, then take a long walk to gaze at the stars...
    12.. Never, ever forget "holidays"! (The ones that the two of you make up too)
    13.. Do everything to make him/her happy.
    14.. Don't evaluate or criticize your partner.
    15.. Defend and respect your partner.
    16.. Be there for the good and the bad times. 17.. Find a nice secluded spot that is only yours and take her there every month.
    18.. Call from your vacation spot just to say hi.
    19.. Always ask her/him how the day was...and listen!
    20.. Too much of a good thing can be bad.
    21.. Travel more than one (1) hour out of town together.
    22.. Dance in the rain. (Even in your best outfit)
    23.. Watch the sunset together.
    24.. Have a candlelight dinner for two at least once a year.
    25.. Flirt in public. (Yes, that means holding hands)
    26.. Cook for each other.
    27.. Whisper sweet nothings.
    28.. Always close your eyes. Staring is rude.
    29.. Share your deep dark secrets with each other. (Not all)
    30.. Laugh together.
    31.. When you say "I'm sorry" look her/him in the eyes.
    32.. Don't let little mistakes become big mistakes.
    33.. Do anything to impress her/him.
    34.. Go for a drive together just to get lost.
    35.. Don't have sex, make love.
    36.. Make sacrifices for each other.
    37.. ALWAYS be honest with eachother.
    38.. Give each other pet names.
    39.. Tell her/him your fantasies.
    40.. Tell her/him what you like and don. t like.
    41.. Write a story about how you two met and fell in love and give it to her/him.
    42.. Hugs are the best medicines.
    43.. NEVER EVER cheat on her/him.
    44.. Play silly games.
    45.. Find out what. s special to her/him and do it.
    46.. Spend all night thinking of 501 sweet things to do for her/him.
    47.. Always have a notepad and pen or some stationary with you wherever you are. This way when you're waiting in line you can write them a quick love note.
    48.. During weeks when you feel you haven't had enough time with each other, send a bouquet of flowers or other gift to their work, home or school.
    49.. When you and your loved one are talking, kiss them before they finish their sentence. (but only when it's not something important... I.E. "Will you marry me?")
    50.. Write a love letter and put it in a glass bottle. Place the bottle somewhere that you know your love will find it.
    51.. Depending on how old your love is, send them a birthday card everyday (for as many days as they will be old) leading up to their birthday.
    52.. Call in the middle of the night just to say "I love you".
    53.. Stroke your partner's hair for no reason.
    54.. Make your partner feel good about themselves.
    55.. Stupid arguments are healthy.. as long as they don. t go to far.
    56.. Always be there for each other.
    57.. Pretend the two of you are on you first date. The only catch is you already love the person and are comfortable with each other.
    58.. Never go to sleep mad at each other.
    59.. Kiss your partner like you won't see them again.
    60.. Start each day with a kiss and an I love you.
    61.. End each day with a kiss and an I love you.
    62.. Keep your relationship full of surprises.
    63.. Never keep your feelings locked up... it hurts her/him when you do.
    64.. Get a sexy shade of lipstick and put it on. Clean and kiss your guy's car window a couple of times and/or write a cute little message with the lipstick on the window (make sure to leave a paper towel in the front seat so he can drive safely!).
    65.. Lips were made for kissing. So were cheeks, hands, necks, fingertips, shoulders, etc.
    66.. Carve his name into a tree/table.
    67.. Give him a . For Your Eyes Only. striptease.
    68.. Trust him even if you have been burned before.
    69.. Just listen when he had a bad day.
    70.. Give him a pen with your name on it so that he can think of you. Then YOU use a pen with his name on it.
    71.. On your mates day off (or not) pack a picnic lunch full of his favorite foods and go out to a quite park and feed each other.
    72.. When you say you'll call, CALL!
    73.. Give your love a letter opener on a Wednesday and on Friday (or Saturday) give her 4 envelopes (not all at once) the first one is where you are going for dinner, the second has a tape with love songs, the third has movie tickets to the movie she has been dying to see, and the fourth has a letter that says "I Love You".
    74.. Instead of giving her a dozen roses, give her only three...(tell her "This one is for my mind, which is always thinking of you. This one is for my heart, which will always love you. And this one is for my soul which will always be one with yours.")
    75.. Take her hand and look into her eyes, gently kiss her cheek and place her hand over your heart.
    76.. On "holidays" have her song played at least once...without her having to tell you to.
    77.. Tell her she's beautiful, even in sweatpants and a tee-shirt. (And mean it)
    78.. Be nice to her friends, but not too nice. (More brownie points)
    79.. DON'T make her do anything she doesn't want to.
    80.. Let her lay on your lap and run your fingers through her hair. (She would do it to you)
    81.. Go 30 minutes out of your way just spend a few hours with her.
    82.. Do things you have never done before with her.
    83.. Touch her in a loving way.
    84.. Let there never be a moment when you are not thinking about her/him, and make sure they know that.
    85.. Walk with her to her door.
    86.. Don't just tell her you love her, show her.
    87.. Spend all day with her doing nothing.
    88.. Go home and call her to talk about nothing.
    89.. Take her to a romantic movie and remember the parts she likes.
    90.. Find out her favorite flower and give it to her for her birthday.
    91.. Never ever physically hurt her intentionally.
    92.. Hold her/him and gaze into there eyes and realize how much you love her/him and tell her/him that.
    93.. Gently run your hand across their cheek and look in their eyes.
    94.. Treat her like a princess.
    95.. When a very attractive woman walks by, tell your girlfriend that she is ten times prettier.
    96.. When you look into their eyes, look into their soul.
    97.. Take her hand and look into her eyes, gently kiss her cheek and place her hand over your heart.
    98.. Talk to her the way you would, to a colleague.
    99.. You are her man... Prove it.
    100.. When you look into they eyes, tell her/him how you feel deep down and gently kiss their cheek.
    101.. Put a note in her purse telling her to meet you somewhere for lunch.

    ..idhu mattum poduma..innum konjam vaenuma??
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    Podum Podum

    I have no breath to take


    Nisha Linu :2thumbsup:
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    Dear arabian doll,
    Ha ah ah ah
    If every one follows your rules the rate of second marriages definitely decreases to a great extent.
    I am just kidding.

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    hai !!
    really these 101 tips are so nice.. if every one follows atleast some of them their life will be happy.
    thank u.
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    Dear Arabian Doll,
    Innum konjam venunga!
    Ithu super a irukkarathale, innum konjam kekkuthunga !
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    arabian dollnu summava
    inge kodutha tip sai `ange'
    solli paarthaaya?
    kettavar enna solvaaro
    sonnal enna seivaayo..
    anyway waiting for your
    46th tip
    noorukke kalaithuvitten padithu
    (yarange..konjam jillenru ethavathu
    kudikka tharuveero?)
    dil maange more ellaam

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    hi arabian doll,
    wonderful tips on love 101.

    i 'm thinking of point 46 and 47 in ur tips.( note book and a pen writing love notes .,with my guy (it'll be a fun to think about how he 'll respond
    )..... even the other one " call him in the middle of the night to say i love you" . when i think about this ,with my guy ....he'll immediately respond " harini , r u alright ? do u find the right time just as now :eek:mg: ...ok i too love u , but i know ur saying something in ur sleep , go to sleep ,pls don't disturb me""(i tried this in a diff manner !!!):mrgreen:

    and other point to " whisper sweet nothings " it's true with me only on my courtship days..now whatever i talkshould be sweet !!!nothing to him !!!.because only i'll talk now ,he'll pretend to listen me !!(saying nature of each other should not be changed !!--ladies are talkative in nature and gents are passive listeners!!:bang ).

    so i planned to go ahead with other tips that are really fine.thanks for the tips.

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    hi ! harini,
    it's really very nice to hear your words..
    so fun.. enjoy..............:goodidea:
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    Very nice tips :)

    My hubby's niece is married recently and on a honeymoon. Planning to send this to her as a Valentine's gift

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    Really wonderful tips. Loved the jeanie part a lot. Very creativemademydaysmiley

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