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10 Good PRO'S of leaving EX Husband !

Discussion in 'Life Without Spouse' started by Maddy2087, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. girlieyonee

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    laka laka laka..... gatepass for vasu/vasan please...
  2. nuss

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    Hi Maddy- great thread! I love your positive attitude towards life. Here's my list:

    1. I am "myself" again, the same bubbly girl that I used to.
    2. I feel more confident in everything I do. Having made the hardest decision in my life when I was just in my 20s helped me have faith in my decisions.
    3. I am proud that I stood up for myself and can inspire other women who are stuck in the abusive relationship.
    4. I don't have to live in constant fear of- when he might have the next burst of anger and call me names.
    5. I am free to have my liberal views (although my liberal views never changed and that was one of the reasons I couldn't get along with him or his family).
    6. I am free to plan my life, I don't have to listen to others planning my future.
    7. I met the most wonderful person. If I wouldn't have made the decision to get out of the emotionally abusive relationship, I would have never met my soul mate.
    8. I am well respected in my profession, friend circle and family and this wouldn't have been possible if I were stuck in that relationship.
    9. I am living my life on my terms.
    10. I spend my money the way I want to (I am quite frugal and I know how to spend responsibly), no questions asked.
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  3. hopefullylucky

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    Thanks Maddy for bringing up this post. While I a at a very initial stage, but I have similar lists of Pros as u mentioned...
    1. I will never have to cook 4times a day.
    2. I will have the freedom to work and live life the way I want.
    3. I can further go on to get a new course.
    4. I'll not have to bear his hypocrisy.
    5. I'll not have to get his approval to go out somewhere., or to wear some dress.
    6. I'll not have to do his sewa.
    7. I'll not have to fight against mind games my in-laws played.
    8. I'll never be insecure to lose him to a bitch.
    9. I'll not have to hear any bad things about my parents, siblings and my friends.
    10. Best thing...now I'll have the freedom to get the male attention once again.

    I'll add more when I get more of it.
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