07/07/07: A perfect date with destiny?

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    Remember the hype and phobia over June 6 last year as the date 6/6/06 was associated with the Devil? Well, the buzz around this coming Saturday is even bigger. For, 07/07/07 in the Western world is being associated with perfection.

    Here’s why. Seven is a crucial numeral in the Bible. Creation took all of seven days, there are seven petitions of the Lord’s prayer and, not to forget, there are seven levels of Heaven. Rationalists may wince at this but couples across the Western world are flocking to the altar in droves this Saturday to keep their ‘date with destiny’.

    The New York Times reported that as early as March this year, more than 31,000 couples had signed up with wedding-planning website, theknot.com, saying they planned to marry that day. The figure is roughly triple the number for any other Saturday in July and nearly 20,000 more than the number of couples who got married on the corresponding weekend a year earlier. Most hotels and travel websites have put up an ‘all booked’ board for the day.

    It’s a rare date, says Delhi-based astrologer Navin Khanna, since 07/07/07 is being considered auspicious in Indian, Chinese as well as Western astrology. "Seven is indicative of Venus. So it’s a great day to propose or solemnise marriages. India, however, may not see a huge wedding rush as the day may not have a good mahurat," he adds. The play on seven has also proved irresistible for event organisers. The ‘New 7 Wonders of the World’ will be announced at an official declaration ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal, on Saturday.

    Article from Times of India

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    We are going to attend a reception on that day.
    Is it a coincidence or planned, I don't know.
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