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❤️ Sweet Little Baby’s Adventures ❤️

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Sep 24, 2021.

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    Sweet little was playing with his ball
    Sweet little baby tripped
    And had a fall

    Sweet little baby woke up
    He was in the woods
    Surrounded by Baby Bears
    Who were playing musical chairs

    “Where is my ball, Sweet Little Baby asked
    Baby Bears all looked at each other
    The bigger baby bear said,
    “Look over there, your ball is rolling fast,”

    Sweet Little Baby chased the ball
    Soon it went down a waterfall

    Sweet Little Baby was brave
    “Wee,” Sweet Little Baby cried
    As the water tickled his chubby feet
    And left no place dry

    Sweet Little Baby came upon
    A school of Baby Fish
    “Where is my Ball?”
    The fattest baby fish said,
    “Over yonder, near the fountain
    Where you can make a wish”

    Sweet Little Baby swam a sweet swam
    He was getting tired
    A baby turtle happened upon him
    Baby turtle said, “My is Mommy had retired
    To bed, don’t worry, hop in me,
    I will get you ahead.

    Sweet Little Baby sat utop
    Baby Turtle

    Baby Turtle stopped
    When he saw a pretty fairy
    All dressed in Purple

    Baby Turtle was afraid
    But Sweet Little Baby was brave

    Sweet Little Baby asked,
    “Purple Fairy where is my Ball”

    The Purple Fairy was very petite
    And very small

    Yet she embraced Sweet Little Baby
    And Baby Turle and lifted them
    To her heart

    The Purple Fairy said,
    “My Sweet Babies, it is
    Time for you to got to bed.”

    She turned to Sweet Little Baby
    “Once you sleep like a good baby
    You will certain get your Ball,
    No if, no maybe.

    The Purple Fairy sprinkled Fairy Dust
    Soon Sweet Little Baby and
    Baby Turtle were asleep
    Or Bust

    Sweet Little Baby woke
    He was in his room
    Next to his stuffed baby Turtle
    Next to his stuffed Teddy Bears
    All sitting on chairs
    While the fishies were dangling
    From the ceiling
    High near the sky

    His ball rolled up to him.
    It had all been a dream
    All along
    Sweet Little Baby had been fast fast asleep!

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