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₹ Versus $ Trump Covid 19 +ve

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by Thyagarajan, Oct 2, 2020.

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    :hello: Donald Trump Tested +ve for stock market it is huge -ve. :hello:

    The Economic Times Internet edition reports Trump is trumped with covid19 and the news had a negative impact on US stock market Dow index lost substantially. Many Indians from India and those employed on HIB too invest via us 203 ? Would like to review their position. Watching for what Berkshire Guru speaks, reports to media and does would be of immense help. Even in pandemic he is reported to have invested hugely and made windfall profits.

    How would Trump COVID +ve impact the world markets and the future presidential election campaigns?

    Indian ₹ vs $ is steadily is gaining since last 24 hours.

    God continue to Bless world & US (Markets)

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