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ஃபன்னோ ஃபன்

Discussion in 'Posts in Regional Languages' started by Thyagarajan, Sep 23, 2021.

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    Puns you appreciate only if you know Tamil.
    My elder brother is an irritating fellow.
    He is anna-ying.
    Why do people take binoculars to a wedding?
    They can see their doorathu sondham.
    What do you call it when your elder sister gives you a place to stay?
    Where did the Mallu girl go when she became angry?
    Ava Cochinu poita.
    I married a pizza.
    My children are kutti pizzasu.
    Why did Batman shout, "Aeiouuu"?
    Because avan vowel manidhan.
    Which writer asked his son to donate his eyes?
    Kanna thaa son.
    A jealous engineer can never design a proper circuit. Why?
    Avanuku Wire ah eriyum.
    My dad's brother is a big joke.
    You could call him Periya-pun.
    What do you call a piece of cotton falling from a high altitude?
    Punjee Jumping.
    Why are the articles in English known as orphans?
    They are an, a, the.
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