The LOVE exhibited - A very special valentine's day 2011

This valentine's day is very special to us as we are celebrating it in US as just two:-):-) It's been 2 years since our marriage and ours was a love cum arranged one:-) I wanted this day to be very very elating and a pleasant surprise for him and so, I made a simple and elegant candle light dinner arrangement with a Blue color T Shirt(as it is his favourite color) and the highlight is I expressed my love through beautiful chain of words in the form of Poem...Nothing can express itself than true words from heart can:-) This is my belief:-) and here it is the poem i wrote for my dear valentine: Srihari:-) Check out the poem as well as the dinner arrangement by me:-) A very special valentine note for my dearest soul mate! Hey, as the cuckoo waiting to coo "February 14th", My thoughts are moving around!! Awaiting for the clock to move second by second, At last, the clock struck twelve, There! I sat with great awe :-) Yes!!!! Awe I have for this cute infant, Whose name I would love to chant, Forever and ever.... Ah! An infant he'd have been in his year 82, But, an infant he really is; at heart!! His words are sweeter than honey, Specially to his honey ;-) Oh! Not to flatter... But surely I would utter, The nature would bow for the commitment he has, towards his boss; The duty - HIS BOSS:-) Noteworthy it is;to note his persistence, for; if it had not been the fable of Bruce, It would have been his nerving story of determination:-) Serving as an example for our generation!! What more to admire!! Is it the romantic look, which any author would fail to express, or his lovable speech, by which he impresses, Ah! An innocent sorry from him... Believe me!!I would give my life for him:-) Voila!! I 'm flying in cloud nine, Sensing the same elation, A great blissful celebration Which your lovable mom would have enjoyed In the year 82, For, I have got the greatest gift in my life, And that’s you – My DEAREST SRIHARI.... Here, I'm to wish you "The best valentine's day" and let our love grow as ever and forever!!:-) Yours lovingly, Swathy:-)