PRSS's Shoe Rack

Here is the Shoe Rack we have at home. Since myself, DH and DS all wear shoes, there are a lot of socks at home. DH has 6 pairs (he wears a pair everyday and at the end of a week I wash it together and so the used socks used to lie at the corridar until the end of the week). So, I did this socks holder from Kelloggs Carton and gave a pillar like support to it using the cylindrical centre pieces of Kitchen rolls.Happy that I could use the unused cartons instead of throwing them away. And, now used socks will stay at one place and our home looks neat and tidy. And the happiest matter is that DS doesnot get access to these used socks (because he trys to wear DH's socks often).

prss, Sep 25, 2010
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