Shopping, and lots and lots of it – this is the first thing that comes to mind once the wedding date is out. The bride and family fret more about how to finish shopping within time than the wedding day itself.

Here is a rough checklist for all you would-be-brides: what to buy, how to buy, and how to prepare the bridal shopping list!

Before you start shopping, keep these three things in mind:


It is very important to know the lifestyle of the family you are getting into. The lifestyle of your partner and what is expected out of you as you step into the new family is one of the important things to consider when shopping for trousseau.

For example; if your in-laws have more social occasions to attend, or if you and your husband loves partying, you will need more such outfits for these times.

Personal Style:

As the name suggests, only you can decide your personal style. If you look at your wardrobe carefully you will realize that we always choose a certain kind of colour, or prefer a certain kind of fabric, pattern, etc, in which we are comfortable in.

For Example; if red is not your colour, then get your wedding dress in a maroon shade.

Body Shapes:

Body Shapes are defined by our bust-waist-hips sizes. It has nothing to do with measurements or weight. Choose fabrics and color wisely. 

How to Prepare the Shopping List?

Step 1: Make a List:

Make a list of everything you have to purchase. Include the gifts you might have to give to in-laws or your own family members.  No broad division, but details like sarees, salwar kameez, formal pants, bags, clutches, formal sandals, etc.

Step 2: Learn to budget:

You might never have had a shopping budget earlier but now when there are more things to buy it makes sense to prepare a budget. Budget your expenditure for jewelry, how much you want to spend on gifts, and on your clothes and accessories.

This really helps and at the end you don’t have to compromise on things, just because you had spent it earlier.

Step 3: Decide on item wise details:

Since you know the kind of lifestyle you will be having after marriage, this will become very easy. For example: If you are going to stay with your in-laws, who are a little conservative in their day to day dressing, but you prefer contemporary dressing, then try getting a mix of western options with traditional wear, for your wardrobe.

Or if you are going to be working more and socialize less, than earmark a number of nice formal trousers, skirts, and blouses, as well as a little stylish clothes for evening parties or dinner.

Step 4: Decide on shopping localities:

Decide the stores or localities where you intend to shop from so that you are more organized when you reach the area, or the store. If you are at a particular place then buy all things you wanted to buy and check off those items from the list.

Step 5: Never ever shop at one place for everything:

So why all this hassle? I can easily go to one store and get myself all the things in a day. But if you don’t, you can get more variety to choose from, as every store gets new stock coming in every month. 

Go to a variety of stores, so you’ll be exposed to something new.  If you don’t see what you like in these stores, get into clothing catalogues or online shopping

Step 6: Learn to coordinate your outfit:

It simply means select a small group of clothes and accessories to meet the needs of one specific person. Buy things which you can utilize the maximum.

It should not happen that you didn’t know what your lifestyle will be post-marriage and you end up having to shop again. As you are spending a lot of money on your wedding shopping, and do your homework before you spend.   

Step 6: Enjoy the process:

These days most ladies are working. So weekends are the only time when you can shop, and you want to spend time with your fiancé, your parents, and girlfriends also. Take them along with you to have some fun time as you shop.

Always remember, quality time matters more than quantity of time spend together. So when the time is short and you are multitasking so much, enjoy every stage of the occasions. This is the first and last time you will experience so many emotions at one go.

 So girls, go ahead and have fun!