Summer is a season we often worry about due to its harmful effects on our skin and hair, not to mention all the heat and sweat. Here are some handy tips to safeguard your hair and maintain luscious locks even during summer. 

Trim your hair

It is best to start the summer season with a trim and remove the split-ends. You can also get a short/medium haircut that makes managing hair easier during summer and lets you enjoy the sun without worrying about your hair. 

Protect your hair 

Always wear a cap, scarf or hat loosely around your hair. This will protect your hair from the damaging effects of sun and also allow scalp circulation. If you are planning to go swimming, you should wash your hair definitely after the swim. 

Follow a suitable hairstyle 

Wearing your hair in a bun, knot or plaits will help prevent exposure to sun and control frizzes and dryness. 

Use proper hair care products

Many of us wash our hair more frequently during summer due to excess sweat and grime. Using a good moisturizing shampoo and following it with a conditioner will help to keep your hair free from dirt and yet retain moisture and softness.

You should avoid using alcohol based products and opt for natural products. You can also try natural methods like applying methi seeds mask, egg mask or henna to condition your hair. Sun repair hair masks can also be used if your hair is exposed to sun for a long time. 

Avoid heat on your hair 

Using cold or warm water for hair wash and avoiding hot water will benefit your hair and scalp during summer. You also have to avoid or minimize the use of hair dryers/curlers which may damage your hair. If unavoidable, ensure to use a conditioner before using heat styling products. 

Avoid chemicals 

Hair care products with excess chemicals may dry your hair and cause damage and brittleness. You should opt for gentle and natural products that will be soft on your scalp and hair. It is also better to avoid hair treatments that use chemical based products such as hair colouring. 

Drink more fluids 

Following the above steps will not be sufficient unless you keep your body cool. You should drink lots of water and juices to avoid dehydration. You can also add fresh fruits in your diet. This will not only keep your body cool but also make your hair and skin healthy.

So are you ready to go out and beat the summer heat now without worrying about your hair!