The fun about travelling is that we get to spend family time, click loads of pictures and keep on looking at them till the next vacation.

Packing bags can be tiring sometimes. You are overwhelmed about the clothes you should carry. I mean if we could then we would pack our whole wardrobe. 

Summer Packing Tips:

So here’s a summer packing guide for your beach vacation. These packing tips are for youthful travellers to a beach holiday destinations, such as Goa and Bangkok. 


You may carry shorts of all lengths, micro shorts, regular shorts and boyfriend shorts. Blue denim short will do nicely. You may also pack nice regular shorts in colours like beige or black, as well as one in a funky colour. Neons are a big hit right now.

Tees – Shirts – Blouses:

Keep one rule in mind while packing these. Majority of tops should be mixed and matched with the bottoms you have. This way you don’t to carry a spare of everything. Have tees, singlets, halters for day time use, when it will be little hot and day will be casual. You can carry a bit fancy blouses or shirts for evening dinners. Pack clothes in bright colours for the right mood.


Depending on your plan of the day, opt for dresses to give you a classier look. Keep the temperature of destination in mind and choose the fabric accordingly. 

Jumpsuits or Rompers:

They are fun. Just slip on a jumpsuit and it spells out coolness. It is suitable for generally all body types, except people with little extra fat around the tummy. 


You should carry sunglasses and hat, lots of bangles, neck-pieces and earrings, but always coordinate them, so that you should be able to use them in a different ways with different tops.


Be sure to pack a sun block lotion with a minimum of SPF 40. Carry a lip balm for day time and a gloss for night, carry a moisturizer with golden tints, especially for beaches, when it is applied it give a golden effect to your skin. 


Carry at least two pairs of shoes, flat shoes because you might be walking too much. Try flat ballerinas and moccasins, they are comfortable and give a nice look to the outfits. Carry medium heels or stilettos only if you plan to go partying.