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Heavy intricate design is not the only way to make you hands look beautiful. Simple and plain designs can also highlight your hands. Here is a collection of simple yet beautiful mehandi designs. 

Design 1 

Simple Mango Motif Mehandi

Here is a simplistic design that has an array of simple mango motif with simple spoke pattern on the fingers. Starting at the base of the hand, this artistic design ends on the tip of the index finger. Ideal for any occasion.  

Design 2 

Ring design with creeper motif

If you are looking for a stylish design without many patterns on your hand, try this simple ring mehandi design on the index finger. With creeper motif on each finger, this design looks every elegant. 

Design 3 

Mehendi design Flowers across hand

This design has a dash of flowers that flow across the hand. The design does not cover the palm making it look trendy and unconventional.  

Design 4

 Ring Mehendi design encircling fingers

Give a highlight to your fingers with this special ring mehandi design that has intricate motif that encircles the fingers. Looks neat, beautiful and apt for any occasion. 

Design 5

Jewelry motif Mehendi

A simple jewelry motif to make your hands simplistically beautiful. 

Design 6 

Round Mehendi design with flowers

This is a striking design with round design at the center and shaded flowers on the fingers. It is the most appealing design for ladies who look for outstanding mehandi designs. 

Design 7 

Flowers in a net motif Mehandi

Here is a simple design that has net motif in the form of a flower. It has an uncluttered look even though it covers the back of the hand. 

Design 8 

Peacock design Mehendi

Get a beautiful peacock to sit over your hand with this simple Indian mehandi design. 

Design 9 

Creeper motif on feet

Decked with floral motif on the site of the foot and creeper design on the toes, this design looks simple and beautiful.

Design 10 

Fern motifs Mehendi designs

Here is a foot jewelry motif that starts at the ankle and culminates on the base of the toes. The creeper motif that is drawn like the sandal strap is the main highlight of this design.  

Design 11 

Fern motif mehendi design

This yet another design that has a fern-like motif that starts at the center of the foot and parts like the footwear strap looks adorable. 

Design 12 

Floral mehendi with colourful embellishments

A stylish design decorated with floral motif and colored embellishments looks grand and beautiful. 

Design 13 

Traditional design with capped fingers

Here is a traditional design with capped fingers and round design at the center. A simplistic and ever-green design suitable for any occasion. 

Design 14 

Simple design with glitter for parties

Ideal for parties and other special occasions, this design is a quickie that has simple designs but looks elegant with glitter and color. 

Design 15 

Sophisticated design for the back of the hand

Make a style statement with this sophisticated mehandi design drawn on the back of the hand focusing only on the index and the middle finger. It is fine design that is sure to make you stand out of the crowd.  

Design 16

Floral design for the feet

Here is band of floral motif that flows across the feet with a tiny white floral highlight on the big toe.