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Take a look at our latest and fresh collection of dazzling Pakistani, Indian and Arabic mehandi designs for this year.

Design #1

 Multi Motif Bridal Mehandi Design

This Indian design has a mix of all patterns ranging from floral, mango, scales, and net motifs to give a grand look to the bride’s hands.

Design #2

Floral Bridal Mehandi Design

Yet another Indian mehandi design that predominantly has flowers coupled with net motifs. Perfect fit for a bridal getup. 

Design #3

Bridal Mehandi Design with sparkles and floral motifs

Here is a simple design with a round motif at the center decorated with floral motifs on the fingers. Color and the glitter give a glamorous touch to the hands.

Design #4

Shaded Floral Motif Bridal Mehandi Design

Take a look at this adorable Arabic Mehandi design that are filled with flowers. The black highlight makes the design look grand.

Design #5

Bridal Mehandi Design with Flowers, Creepers and Colorful Stones

A full-arm Arabic design with lavish patterns of flowers and creepers. Ideal for brides who are looking for a spectacular design for their D-day.

Design #6

Mirror Effect Bridal Mehandi Design with Peacock Motif

Here is an outstanding mehandi design for the bride that gives a mirror effect on the hands. The peacock, the heart-shaped motif on the base of the hand with a good dose of floral motifs is sure to make your hands look bold and beautiful.

Design #7

Traditional Mango and Kalash Motif Bridal Mehandi Design

An Indian design with traditional mango and kalash motif bedecked with leaf and creeper patterns giving a filling and authentic bridal look to the hands.

Design #8

Butterfly Pattern Bridal Mehandi Design

Here is a stylish and trendy butterfly pattern for your hands and feet that looks simple and elegant.

Design #9

Intricate Jewellery Pattern Bridal Mehandi Design

Check this vibrant mehandi design that has a grand peacock motif with different patterns adorning the fingers. The feet look beautiful with an appealing round motif along with a jewelry motif for the toes. A design that is certain to make you feel and look beautiful.

Design #10

Bridal Mehandi Design with Unconventional Floral Motif

This unconventional floral motif with tiny shaded pattern gives a stylish look to your hands.

Design #11

Simple yet exquisite Bridal Mehandi Design

Here is a simple design that is evenly spaced across the hands. The fingers are capped and the closely knit pattern beautifully completes the design.

Design #12

Bridal Mehandi Design with strings, flowers and geometrical patterns

A mix of strings, flowers and geometrical pattern makes this design look creative and nice on the feet.

Design #13

Bridal Mehandi Design with grand floral and mango motifs

A lovely design with grand floral and mango motif on the feet coupled with white nail paint on the toes gives a distinguishing look to your feet.

Design #14

Bridal Mehandi Design with shaded and colored veil motif

This is a heavy pattern with shaded floral motif along with a veil motif give a distinct look to the feet of the bride.

Design #15

Full Arm Bridal Mehandi Design with mixed pattern

Here is a full-arm mehandi design covered with flowers, creepers and other geometrical patterns.

Design #16

Round Motif Bridal Mehandi Design embellished with colorful stones

A striking round-patterned design that looks glamorous with the use of stones.