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Menstrupedia – Book Review

At the outset, I have to admit I picked up this book mainly because I was just curious.  When I was about 10 years old, my mom gave me a very brief overview of menstruation and that was it. I learnt more about it in biology class but didn’t really get to know the complete information until a few years later. When I saw Menstrupedia, I was little cynical about how can you pass on so much information so that girls as young as 8 or 9 years old would understand. As soon as I started reading, I forgot...

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Hair Care in Summer

Summer is a season we often worry about due to its harmful effects on our skin and hair, not to mention all the heat and sweat. Here are some handy tips to safeguard your hair and maintain luscious locks even during summer.  Trim your hair It is best to start the summer season with a trim and remove the split-ends. You can also get a short/medium haircut that makes managing hair easier during summer and lets you enjoy the sun without worrying about your hair.  Protect your hair  Always wear a cap, scarf or hat loosely around your hair....

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Successful Marriage is not a Myth

Marriage is not a fairy-tale ending as shown in films. It is the start of the rest of your life and requires life-long commitment. The initial excitement and romance may fade off if you are not willing to put proper efforts in sustaining the relationship. Here are some tips for a successful marriage. Respect your Spouse: Respecting each other is the golden rule of marriage. You may not like your partner’s decisions/choices all the time. But respect your spouse for his/her individuality and the choices they make. Do not ridicule him/her in front of others or complain on bad...

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