Author: Jainee Gandhi

Tips to Pack the Perfect Travel Makeup Kit

Men would never understand the pains and pleasures of travel packing. At some point, am sure every woman feels like just picking the whole wardrobe and go. If am traveling to a nearby location for just 2 days, yet I have more than three pairs of clothes and makeup to last me at least six months, if stranded on an island. Today inspired and perspired by my earlier travel packing, especially for cosmetic products, I have decided to decode a Travel Makeup Kit. Travel Makeup Kit: Basic First and basic thing is a good sun screen, no matter whether...

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Fashion Essentials for Beach Destinations

The fun about travelling is that we get to spend family time, click loads of pictures and keep on looking at them till the next vacation. Packing bags can be tiring sometimes. You are overwhelmed about the clothes you should carry. I mean if we could then we would pack our whole wardrobe.  Summer Packing Tips: So here’s a summer packing guide for your beach vacation. These packing tips are for youthful travellers to a beach holiday destinations, such as Goa and Bangkok.  Shorts: You may carry shorts of all lengths, micro shorts, regular shorts and boyfriend shorts. Blue...

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Simple Ways to Organize Your Makeup Box

Spring Clean Your Makeup So with summers setting in, I got my florals out and to match the vibrant colours of my outfit, surely need to update the makeup kit. Do you all need to update?  But before you start investing in new products, have you ever thought of cleaning the existing makeup kit? Spring clean your makeup kit with few simple tips below: Check Expiry Date Know the expiry dates of your products, now cosmetics don’t come with an expiry date like food products, but you should discard them over a period of time. Read below a small...

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Know the Basics of Skin Care – Cleansing and Moisturizing

The daily cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine has its benefits and is an important part of skincare. My mom is 50 and still looks like my sister, so for her this Cleansing Toning Moisturizing (CTM) routine feels like a waste. But then not everyone is blessed with a skin like hers. For you and me, it’s our skincare essential. Cleansing A face wash is a good way to start. Never ever use soap on your face, soap is only for neck downwards. So use a cleanser or face wash to clean the oil and residues off your face. If you...

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How to Project a Confident Self Image?

I wanted this article to be appropriate for new beginnings, something that talks about us, our image in the eyes of ourselves and others. Watched English Vinglish yesterday, it was long pending, and I for one, don’t like watching movies at home. But am so glad my hubby forced me to, it’s a fabulous movie. It’s a journey actually that many women are going through or should go through. It’s a journey of a woman were she wants to do something for herself, for her self esteem. Our Self Image Today I thought I’ll discuss ‘Self Image’ and how...

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