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Different Childbirth Options

Childbirth also marks the birth of a ‘Mother’. Motherhood means being responsible for a myriad of decisions pertaining to another life. A life brought into this world by you. So how you bring your child into this world is the first and most significant decision you take. The modern era has a provided a plethora of birthing choices to ‘Would be Moms’. Let’s take a look at a few methods. Natural delivery C-section Water birth Hypno-birthing Now let’s delve into each of these birthing options and list out some of their pros and cons. Natural Delivery Also known as...

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Dealing with Acne during Pregnancy

So you’re pregnant. Now apart from dreaming about your baby, you are also looking forward to that ‘glowing face’ syndrome you have often heard being associated to pregnant women. But a few weeks into your pregnancy, your hopes are dashed when you find zits or pimples on your face. How and why did this happen? Let’s learn about pregnancy acne, its causes and how we can deal with it. Causes for Acne Pregnancy acne can arise at any time during your pregnancy. It may spring up during any one trimester and then disappear totally or may last through the...

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10 Mistakes of First-time Job Hunters and How to Avoid Them

Considering the current global economic trends, the retrenchment scenarios in many industries and the present unreliable world of employment, looking out for a job is quite a challenging task. So if you are in the final year of college and are keen to embark on your employment journey it would be advisable to be very well prepared. Job hunting-especially for first timers can turn out to be a nightmare if not systematically done. Here are ten common mistakes that people who apply for their first job should necessarily try to avoid: Not visiting career centers Most universities have career...

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Recipe for a happy married life – sharing of household chores

“A family which does chores together …stays happy together”, is an adage I have often heard while growing up. In those early years, I felt this was just my mother’s way to get me to do some housework (which I detested then).  My parents were both working and hence the house chores were divided amongst them initially and thereafter, (once my brother, and I had grown up) amongst the four of us. Now, after marriage and a child, I realize the depth and value of these wise words. Research has shown that to improve the quality of a marriage,...

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5 Best English Cartoon Shows for Kids

It’s the summer holidays in US and Europe, and I am confident about parents being haunted by this very pressing question, ‘Should I let my little one watch television?’ Or, ‘Which are the best programs for her/his age?’ I love watching cartoons and I think watching educative and entertaining cartoons helps kids learn and have fun at the same time. So when my child is sitting in front of the television I want to be able to ensure that it will be time well spent for her too. My personal favourite cartoons are those on BBC’s popular and official...

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