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Natural Solutions for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark circles are one of the most common skin problems and we are always on the lookout for solutions that can effectively help us to get rid of them. No one likes them, and this is precisely why we bring you a comprehensive list of natural solutions that will help fight dark circles around the eye. The best part about all the tips mentioned here are that they have been contributed by our esteemed ILites – and most of them are tried and tested. So, read the tips, put them into effect and get set to banish those dark...

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Beauty Tips to Bring Out the Best of Dusky Skin

Dusky skin is beautiful regardless of its color. Beauty does not lie in a person’s skin tone; rather it is the skin itself that should look beautiful. You will look good if your skin is glowing, radiant and healthy. The right skincare along with the correct wardrobe selection and makeup tips can go a long way in making dusky skin look beautiful and envy worthy. The trick is to use colors that complement the skin tone so that your beauty is highlighted.  The following are nifty beauty tips that take care of dark skin most effectively. Use of Natural...

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Secrets to Make Your Makeup Last Longer on Oily Skin

How to make makeup last longer on oily skin Perfecting the art of making the makeup last longer on oily skin is no rocket science. Here are a few simple makeup tips for knowing how to apply makeup on oily skin like a pro. It broadly constitutes of the three ‘P’ steps, namely prepare, prime and primp. Prepare Primping the skin sets the stage for long-lasting and smooth application of makeup on oily skin. It includes cleaning-toning-moisturizing. Choose oil-free face wash/cleansers and toners, which have glycolic acid. They keep excessive oily skin in check. Avoid high-alcohol content toners because...

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30 Thrilling One Minute Kitty Party Games

Women and kitty parties go together, like accessories with dressing up, both hand in hand. Every Indian woman likes to host unique kitty parties once in a while. As women, we carefully plan a wholesome theme, so that our guests enjoy our kitty thoroughly. Parties become more vibrant if they are associated with a theme. If you are looking for an interesting theme checkout these 25 creative kitty party themes. At some point during all the endeavors, the preparations for the food, the decor and gifts, there is one road block that most of us tend to hit, the...

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