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10 Delicious Kitty Party Snacks Ideas (With Recipes)

Coming up with a lineup of delicious homemade Kitty Party snacks is one of the main dilemmas that the host usually faces in addition to organizing the games for the Kitty Party. Of course, one can always resort to ordering snacks from outside but that is not as much fun as rustling up your own Kitty Party recipes, and thereby also showing your culinary skills and earning appreciation from the other ladies present at the party. You can also go ahead and match your food with the theme of the Kitty Party that you plan. To help you in your endeavor,...

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25 Fun Kitty Party Games for Indian Ladies

The selection of kitty party games can make or break a kitty party, and hence every host is always on the lookout for the best games that are fun to play yet hassle free to arrange. It is one of the important aspect in hosting a successful kitty party. You may also Download 50+ One-Minute Kitty Party Games for Indian Parties | Ladies Kitty. Of course, there are the usual games to fall back on like antakshari, tambola, dumb charades etc, however run of the mill stuff can get monotonous and boring. Therefore, we bring you a list of 25...

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25 Creative Kitty Party Themes

Creative kitty party themes can really contribute to the monthly catch up session with your friends, better known as kitty party, as they infuse added joy and merriment to the event. If you are new to this, find out how you can successfully host a kitty party. Exclusive Bonus: Download A Complete Guide to Kitty Party with excellent suggestions for party themes, games and snacks. A kitty party is all about letting go of daily life trivialities and enjoying the moment, therefore having a theme for it adds on to the enthusiasm and excitement in a grand way. This is...

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How to Host a Successful Kitty Party for Indian Ladies?

A kitty party is a get together of ladies that usually takes place once a month. Exclusive Bonus: Download A Complete Guide to Kitty Party with excellent suggestions for party themes, games and snacks. Interesting Facts about a Kitty Party The general concept behind the kitty party is like a chit fund where each lady contributes a predetermined amount of money to a central fund. A chit is then picked up from a collective bunch of chits that have the names of every member of the kitty. The person whose name is picked hosts the next kitty party and also...

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Natural Face Packs for Different Skin Types

Different skin types have different needs. Every woman aspires for a clear and glowing face. And no one can deny the benefits of a homemade face pack! Nature has gifted us with many amazing products packed with essential oils and nutrients that can help nourish each skin type. Some of our members have provided simple and effective face packs that you can try based on your skin type.    DRY SKIN Egg Almond Facial Mask This is very good for dry skin. Beat 1 egg and add 1 teaspoon of almond oil to it and mix it thoroughly and apply...

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