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Winter 101 Style Tips

I love winter. Plus in the winter my skin glows and there are so many weddings to flaunt the perfect glow. Winter 101 So I am not writing 101 ideas for winter, but a small rundown of different kind of jackets, shrugs, shawls for making you look the stylish woman you are. Regular V Neck Sweaters: As the name suggests, they are regular, have been around since many years. Cricketers used to wear them in white earlier. If you have one than you are lucky, or steal from your dad’s closet. It suits all body types and styled in...

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Your Wardrobe Basics: Part 3, Save or Spend

With both wardrobe basics understanding and the basics for your wardrobe covered, now we will aim to understand when to save and when to spend.   Next time you are out shopping and thinking whether to buy a dressy tunic or a lovely shirt, remember these pointers and then use a logic to save or spend. Dress Bottoms: Denims: Spend Every wardrobe irrespective of age has this versatile piece of clothing. The fit has to be perfect. Try as many pairs as you want and then buy the one that just feels right. Don’t look at the cost than, it will...

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Your Wardrobe Basics: Part 2

Continuing with the understanding of the essentials of your wardrobe, here we will make a detailed list of the basics that will be the foundation for your wardrobe. Casuals Basic Clothes        Black Tee: Glam it up with a sequined skirt, or dress up with casual denims on the go, a jacket on top for a more classic look. There are lots and lots of ways to wear this color and tee. White Button-Down Shirt: Get one in cotton for casual look and one in satin or silk for more formal look. They look glamorous when tucked in, or look cool...

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Your Wardrobe Basics: Part 1

My blue denims and a black tee, they can create various looks for me, so that’s my wardrobe basics. This is going to be a three part article, and trust me; if you follow at least 80% of the things, then you will be a wise shopper henceforth. So What Exactly Do You Understand By Wardrobe Basics? The basics of wardrobe are those multipurpose clothes that are always there in our wardrobe. Black formal pants if you are working, denims for outings, basic black tee and so on. Although they look boring but they are very versatile and essential....

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Top Tips to Organize Your Wardrobe

I have nothing to wear. This is the most common thing we all say. It is believed that we all use just 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. We keep on buying stuff every now and then. So the old clothes or shoes or accessories get pushed behind, and then we forget all about them till the Diwali cleaning time. With the below pointers, you will be able to use your wardrobe more wisely.And you will be able to create more looks and your what-to-wear situations should be less.  Prioritize Your Clothes Get all your things from...

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