The kitchen is a place where tasty and healthy food for the whole family is prepared. According to Hindu mythology, a kitchen built according to the rules laid in Vastu Shastra, a basic science of construction, will not only allow the flow of good energy into the house but will also attract health and happiness to the inmates of the dwelling. Kitchen today seems compact and in common found adjacent to the dining area. If every aspect of kitchen design is based on rules of Vaastu, it would become one of the efficient and the safest places in the house.

Therefore, here are five important Vastu rules supported with scientific reasons and logics worth consideration even before designing your cooking area.

# Rule 1: Ideal direction of the kitchen is generally in the southeast corner of the house. Next choice can be the northwest direction. This is because fire is the kitchen’s ruling element. The scientific reason following this fact could be connected to olden open kitchens. Wind generally blows in a southwest to northeast directions. These kitchen positions would prevent the  damage that can be caused due to flying sparks.

#Rule 2: Cooking area in a  kitchen that includes the stove or the gas burner should be in the southeast corner with few inches away from the wall. The kitchen counter should be arranged in such a way that cook faces east direction while working and so can get herself exposed to the rays of the sun.

#Rule 3: Storage Shelves in a kitchen are the places where all the commodities such as grains, pulses, spices, etc. are placed. They should be in the western or southern directions. The underlying reasons for this placement can be the maintenance of stored items by preventing them from dampness and unwanted growth along with convenient handling.

#Rule 4: Windows and Exhaust exits in the kitchen should be in the east direction. The major reason behind this is to allow the early sun rays to fill in the kitchen area. Furthermore, as the cooking is done in the Southeast corner, it makes a good place to direct the fumes away.

#Rule 5: Water Supply and Sink in the kitchen design should be in the Northeast corner. Therefore, the water pitchers or the purifiers that are connected to the water supply remain connected in the same direction. Reason behind this is again connected to the olden day kitchens where water is stored in open vessels. The UV rays of sunlight are found concentrated in this direction, and so they can destroy microbes in the air.   

By following the Vastu Shastra for Kitchen and designing it with additional amenities that can compliment the feel of the area can help with healthy living.