Homegrown fruits and vegetables hold a flavor of freshness and nativity.  They are extremely tastier than the stock from the shelves or cold storages in a supermarket. Fruit and vegetable gardening can be a best hobby. All you need to do is to find the appropriate garden place that can suffice all the plant’s growing needs.



Here is a list of 10 easy fruits and vegetables to grow even for an amateur in gardening


Nothing replaces a perfectly ripe homegrown tomato. They can be the best crop to start with the fruit and vegetable gardening, as they grow efficiently under any circumstances. Sowing seeds or strong seedlings during spring and tacking up the growing plant against the fence will simply help in attaining a great crop.

French/Bush Beans

Bush beans are crunchy and flavoured veggies that add green to the plate. They are grown by sowing seeds in containers or in a yard with well-drained and sunny soil.

Brinjals/ Egg Plant

This tropical native food is regarded as the best for the culinary use. Prepare a warm soil bed and sprinkle some seeds or sow a seedling during early spring. 


Both the bulbs and greens of onions are most commonly used in various recipes as taste enhancers. You can start growing them during spring with sets (small dry onions of past year) or by sowing the seeds.

Salad greens

These form a rich nutritious source in an individual’s daily diet. You can collect the crop throughout the year, just by sprinkling some seeds during the spring or fall seasons in the garden soil


This is a sweet yellow to orange-colored fleshy fruit is grown from seeds. All the plant needs is a frost-free climate, enough sunlight and water along with some fertile soil