It is best to trim any leafy ends of the vegetables, if any, before storing them. The bag that you store must be airy and pack them loosely in the refrigerator. You can expect them to rot, if it is not too roomy. Keep onions and potatoes separately in a cool and dry place. Do not refrigerate them since cold temperatures will ruin its flavor.


You can keep carrots in the refrigetor up to three months, if stored properly. Remove the green leaves, if any, wrap them in absorbent paper and keep them in the vegetable drawer of the fridge. Ensure they are dry and wash them just before use.


Wrap cauliflower in a plastic or paper bag and store in the fridge. Raw and unwashed cauliflower will last up to a week or 10 days. If you choose to wash them, then you can cut the florets and store in sealed plastic bag. Such florets must be used within 2 to 3 days.


Cut the stems, remove any moisure and spread the greens on paper towels and wrap them before storing it away in the fridge. This way, they can stay fresh and crisp all week long. You can also wrap them in dry medium-sized bath towels (cotton), secure them with rubber bands and store in the bottom shelf of the fridge!


Eggplant/Brinjal tastes best when stored at room temperature at a cool and dry spot. If you want to refrigerate, then place them in an airy bag. Do not store them at temperatures less than 50 degrees Fahrehheit. Do not seal them in plastic bag since it will increase decay.


Wrap cabbage in an airy plastic or paper bag before refrigerating. Remember to remove bruised leaves before storing.


Okra or ladiesfinger must be dry when storing. Wrap in paper or plastic bags and store in the refrigerator. Use them within a day or two. If you need to freeze them, then wash, trim the stems, and blanch in boiling water for two to three minutes. Drain and pack them loosely before placing them in freezer bags. Stays up to six months.

Do you have any tips or habits for fruit and vegetable storage?

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