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Worried about Future Kids..

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by sheel, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. sheel

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    Hi Ladies..Need your suggestions..

    I am expecting Kids in April and we plan to stay with in-laws there after.My Husband is trying for transfer so that we all can stay together..

    My MIL is always scolding me too for small small stuff..I have a made myself to ignore her stuff so that neither she is hurt nor mine..I cant change her since her nature is like that only..She wants things her own ways..I think elders will be like that only..She even scolds my SIL kids if they come to stay at our place..she will keep her words loud..and will scold them while eating,while playing and everytime shouting on her..

    Now my worry is I know she will do same with my own kids too..SHe will be always scolding them..I know I am thinking a little advance about all this..But whenevr I hear her loud voice..I keep on thinking about my children future..because I have never seen such kind of scolding in my parental home..

    What shud I do..Please help me out..How should I explain her to be nice with my Kids..

  2. dakshayaeni

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    Hi lady,

    While replying you back I am wearing a smile. Your post is very innocent types, I like that. Now here are some suggestions if you would like to try:

    1. if you are friendly with your SIL then try to talk to her so that she and yourself talk to your MIL on this. See kids will be naughty and we cannot expect them to behave as if they are in some military. They are meant to break rules and that's the reason we live our childhood too in them.

    2. If you are comfortable to talk to your hubby then probably seek his help to convince your MIL, in your case as your hubby is trying for a transfer I wonder if he should be disturbed with such incident.

    3. One other way is a bit tricky. You may call your SIL and some other family or friends of yours and arrange for a small get together. Now children will be there and topics of discussion usually are oriented towards kids. You should in such a situation be very casual and share your thoughts aloud that kids are meant to break rules and that too much discipline will take their childhood freedom away. I am 100% sure that young mothers and in fact older women too will agree to this and then you need to channelize the discussion such that you want to know what their children did when they were young and how did their granny behave and shower affection.

    4. Whenever your MIL scold kids of your SIL you should softly stand by the kids. This will win the hearts of your SIL, her kids and your MIL will also know you can be strict as well without being impolite or disrespectful.

    Listen lady, whatever be the case, i firmly believe that if one believes in something one should stand up for it. This does not mean one has to be rude and break the family but firmness in attitude is a must if you wish to stand by a cause.

    take care and luv to the baby

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