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"when Love Is Not Madness, Its Not Love" - The True Blessing.

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by IniyaaSri, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. twity

    twity Bronze IL'ite

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    I have read it the moment you posted...even before this message came up..super dooper episode...waiting for the story to unfold..some issue with IL not logging in while trying from mobile so took some time to reply...Have a good day..will be waiting for your next post
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  2. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Hey thats so sweet! : ) : ) : )
    Thank you so much dear! Happy : )
    Very happy that you liked today's episode!
    Thanks for your support : )
    Have a beautiful day ahead : )
  3. ammusatheesh

    ammusatheesh Gold IL'ite

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    Too good...happy abt Tulasi and her peoples around.. life will.be happy if we are surrounded by good peoples :hearteyes:
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  4. meerutha

    meerutha Silver IL'ite

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    you write so well....i have no words to express how beautifully you have portrayed them.....looks like we live with tulsi
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  5. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Episode 33:

    Tulasi was getting ready to school and Grandma was packing her lunch.

    “Dear! I have packed one more box. Give it to Diya. Its her favorite!” – Grandma

    “Maa…She is not eating with me these days. Told you na” – Tulasi

    “Tell her that I prepared for her!” – Grandma

    “By the way why she is not coming here these days?” – Grandma asked straightaway.

    “Hmmmm I heard she has got one more maid at home and she is comfortable there” – Tulasi lied

    “Sitting alone in that huge house is comfortable for her?” – Grandma asked and Tulasi was quiet.

    “I was awake when she ran to Joyal’s house and came back with a dull face” – Grandma said and Tulasi jerked.

    “So you know everything?”- Tulasi

    “Hmmmmm...Its time! Start to school now” – Grandma smiled and Tulasi started from her house.

    It was around 11 When Mary walked in.

    “Hey come! Lets watch movie today! Thought of calling you” – Grandma said as she turned on the TV.

    “Of course ma” – Mary smiled

    As the movie was progressing, Mary started gradually.

    “Maa… I think……” – Mary hesitated

    “I think Joyal loves Tulasi” – Mary finished it off with a gasp.

    “Hmmm” – Grandma was calm

    “I think even Tulasi likes Joyal and I love her too!” – Mary opened up and Grandma smiled calmly.

    “Won’t be they be a good pair in the future ma? What do you think?” – Mary

    “They might be a good pair Mary” – Grandma smiled

    “Myself and Joyal’s father doesn’t have any objection regarding this! Are you ok with this ma?” – Mary

    “All I want is both the kids should be happy!” – Grandma smiled and Mary was very happy.

    “Lets wait and see when they open up! Am eagerly waiting for that” – Mary sounded excited.

    “Let things go with the flow” – Grandma smiled and Mary was already happy.

    Veni’s final year of schooling it was. She focused all her pain and anger on her studies and she was the topper. Krishna didn’t even want to see her face and both were competing with each other in studies. Madhavi was very happy that Krishna and Veni weren’t of good terms.

    Days were moving but Krishna and Veni never spoke to each other again. Their schooling came to end and both were toppers in various subjects. Krishna was completely focused on his studies and aspirations.

    Tulasi tried her best to pass her 10th standard and she did it somehow. Diya was aloof and Joyal was happy seeing Tulasi each and every day.

    After 2 years……

    Veni was about to complete her 2nd year in the bachelor’s degree. She chose her favorite course as she wished. Since her college belong to the same management, she happened to see many familiar faces in her college but not Krishna.

    That was 8 and Veni was walking towards her class. She was wearing a sky-blue salwar suit and her hair was tied into a short bouncy pony tail. Her bag was hanging on her shoulders and her face was exhausted and dull.

    As she reached the class, Sravya saw Veni’s face.

    “Why are you so tired early in the morning, I don’t like to see such faces” – Sravya laughed out and that irritated Veni.

    “Shut up” – Veni shunned her at once and sat quietly. She took her water bottle and quenched her thirst.

    She got reminded of how her dad pleaded her to go by college bus and how she turned deaf ears to him. I wont depend on anybody. I will go by public bus. Those were her words.

    “Come on! Have this! I brought this for you” – Nazeera opened her lunch box and Veni smiled.

    “Thanks Nazee” – Veni

    “And ignore Sravya! She is stupid as always” – Nazeera said as she walked and Veni laughed gently.

    Veni’s college life was happier. She happened to meet many different characters but she made sure she never talks with guys. She was almost forgetting everything from school and that was a new life for Veni.

    “You know what! I never even imagined that I will pass my 12th standard” – Tulasi said to Joyal

    “All because of grandma’s prayers! Else you would have flunked for sure” – Joyal teased her.

    “Shut up you idiot! Even I worked hard” – Tulasi

    “Oh is it! But I don’t think so!” – Joyal teased her

    “Me passing is not a wonder! But you getting a job that too in the same city” – Tulasi pulled his legs

    “I have done good deeds you see” – Joyal.

    “That’s a good joke” – Tulasi laughed

    Joyal has already grown into a good-looking man and Tulasi was about to enter her college life.

    Tulasi was keenly thinking about something and Joyal shook her.

    “Oye! What are you thinking?” – Joyal

    “Thinking about my future plans” – Tulasi

    “Means?”- Joyal

    “Means which college should I choose? Which course should I choose? There are many things to deal with” – Tulasi said and Joyal laughed out loudly.

    “What? Didn’t you do the same while choosing colleges?” – Tulasi asked in an irritated tone.

    “With your marks you cant have such luxury! Not every college will accept such low marks” – Joyal said and Tulasi stared at him angrily.

    “What?! I mean it madam” – Joyal laughed again.

    “You know what?! My dad already spoke with his friend! I might move there soon! Probably I will be getting a seat there! Its not a reputed college though!” – Tulasi said seriously

    “What?! When did this happen?” – Joyal was shocked

    “That’s none of your business” – Tulasi knocked him hard on head and was about to run away.

    “Heyyyy!!!” – Joyal held her wrist all of sudden and Tulasi looked at him.

    “Are you serious?” – Joyal asked in a serious tone

    “Yes!” – Tulasi laughed

    “Come on Tulasi! Be serious! Are you moving out of the town?” – Joyal

    “Yes! Dad feels I need exposure! He feels I need to see the real world as well! He says I should learn to be independent!” – Tulasi

    “Grandma is ok with this?” – Joyal

    “Of-course! She always wanted to me grow!” – Tulasi

    “You are ok to leave everyone and everything here?” – Joyal

    “It is going to be difficult but life cant be struck in the same place right?” – Tulasi

    “Hmmmmm” – Joyal loosened her wrist and Tulasi walked away.

    “Just for you! I rejected all the big offers……Will it turn useless?! No way! I will get transfer wherever you go! And we will be together always…Even grandma and my mom will love that! No use in waiting further! Will propose you today!!!"

    P.S: Will be posting one more episode today!
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  6. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Thats right : ) Have posted today's episode dear : ) : ) : )
    Good day Ammu dear : )
  7. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Thanks dear! Kind of you to say that!
    Thats a sweet feedback! Thank you so much! : )
    Have posted today's episode! : ) : ) : )
  8. Madhurima21

    Madhurima21 Silver IL'ite

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    Superb going Iniya!!! Eagerly awaiting for the next episode. I love your creative Grandma. Keep rocking dear....:thumbup:
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  9. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Episode 34:

    “Shall we go out somewhere?!” – Joyal asked all of a sudden as Tulasi was lying on the sofa munching fruits.

    “Where?” – She asked without looking at him.

    “Come na!” – Joyal

    “Maaa…. Joyal is asking me to come out with him” – Tulasi said as Grandma came out of the kitchen

    “Why are you telling me that?! If you want, just go!” – Grandma smiled

    “But sorry Joyal! Am not in mood! Better luck next time my boy” – Tulasi said seriously and Grandma laughed out.

    “Enough!” – Joyal pulled her hand firmly and made her to get out of Sofa.

    “Ok ok! I will get ready! Wait” – Tulasi went into the bedroom and came out in a light green salwar with pink dupatta.

    Joyal was mesmerized for a moment. She very rarely wears Salwar and may be that was a rare day.

    “Salwar?!!!” – Joyal raised his eyebrows

    “Remember? am a girl!” - Tulasi winked and Joyal laughed at her.

    Both started from the house and Joyal took her to a nearby hill. It was lush green and breezy.

    “Why did you bring me here? Have you built any new temple on the hill?” – Tulasi giggled.

    “going to build for you” – Joyal

    “What?!!” – Tulasi

    “Come on! Climb! Will push you from the top” – Joyal said seriously

    “Oh my God! Am very much scared you see” – Tulasi teased him

    Both climbed the hill slowly and reached the top.

    “Oh man! Its very beautiful!!!” – Tulasi looked around happily.

    Joyal smiled looking at her happy face. Even after years, her face still preserved that innocence and he loved that!

    “Now tell me why you brought me here?! Did something big without your parents’ knowledge? You need my help?” – Tulasi asked in a husky voice and Joyal admired every move in her face.

    He smiled calmly.

    “Mr. Buddha! Enough of being calm! Please enlighten me!” – Tulasi pulled his hand.

    His eyes again hovered over her face and he couldn’t stop smiling.

    “Oh my God! I am sure! You are in love! Right?” – Tulasi asked all of a sudden.

    “Hmmm?!” – Joyal

    “Only those who fall in love, tend to smile like this! Without reasons!” – Tulasi

    “Hmmmmm” – Joyal smiled again

    “Oh God! Whats this hmmm!!! Am very much excited now! Curious as well! Tell me now” – Tulasi pulled him.

    “You would have known already……!” – Joyal smiled again.

    “I just came to know! But tell me in detail na! I love to hear stories! I can spend one whole day listening to stories” – Tulasi smiled eagerly

    “Come on! You know! Then what?” – Joyal

    “Idiot! Be clear! No more suspense! I want the complete picture! No single line answers” – Tulasi chided

    “Fine! Even I want to cherish some special moments in the future” – Joyal said and took a deep breath! Slowly he closed his eyes.

    “Oh my God! Too much build up”- Tulasi chuckled as she murmured.

    “I have always liked her….Not sure from when….But for years I would say…..I never realized it was love….but when I realized, it is the most beautiful feeling that anyone can ever get….And she likes me a lot as well…. I doubt even mom is aware of it and I believe it’s a green signal…..You know? Even Grandmaaa…..” – Joyal

    “Even grandma?!!! All are cheaters!!!” – Tulasi pretended to be angry.

    “Come on! Continue” – Tulasi was eager

    “What should I continue?!!!” – Joyal looked puzzled

    “Ok ok wait! Let me guess! You know her for years! Must be either your school mate or college mate!! But why didn’t you tell me! Oh! You realized it very late na….! Must have been your crush!!! Huh?” – Tulasi giggled and Joyal kept looking at her.

    “Enough enough! Say whatever you want! But I want this moment to be special! Let me be open even though you know it” – Joyal

    “Even though I know huh?! What happened to this idiot….” – Tulasi looked at him murmuring.

    “I love you Tulasi! I love you with all my heart! Not even a single day has gone without seeing your face! You make me very happy! Love you!” – Joyal said aloud and Tulasi looked at him as such.

    “Are you pulling my legs Joyal?” – Tulasi asked him though she realized he is serious.

    “Come on! Enough! You know I like you” – Joyal pulled her close

    “Wait! Even I like you! But what do you mean?” – Tulasi asked seriously

    “I mean lets get married int the future and even our parents will be happy” – Joyal said and Tulasi stunned.

    “What are you saying Joyal?” – She whispered

    “Hey come on!” – Joyal smiled

    “What?!! I can never imagine that” – Tulasi said softly

    “Imagine what?!” – Joyal

    “Imagine we both getting married and all! I never knew you would….” – Tulasi paused

    “Don’t play! I am serious Tulasi” -Joyal

    “Am much more serious than you Joyal! I can never imagine ….Of course I like you and it’s a open secret….But….” – Tulasi

    “But what?! Whats stopping you from marrying me?!! And anyways we are not going to get married now! Its when you decide! And you know me well!” – Joyal

    “Whats stopping me?!! There is nothing like that!!! But…..” -Tulasi couldn’t express

    “By any chance did you consider me as your ……” – Joyal couldn’t utter that word.

    “Consider me as your brother…..?” – Joyal asked wishing a negative response for that question.

    “Hey! No no! Never!” – Tulasi

    “Thank God” – Joyal whispered

    “Then what?!! May be you need time?” – Joyal

    “No! I don’t know to express but I can never imagine you as my life partner and all! We just grew together and I cant consider you in that way Jo! Try to understand” – Tulasi

    “I don’t understand Tulasi! I love you and you like me! Both our parents will be happy! What else you need?!” – Joyal

    “May be I don’t know to express properly but I cant agree to your proposal!” – Tulasi

    “Why?!!! Good friends make good couple! Don’t you know?!!” – Joyal

    “I know! But I never wanted to marry someone I know! There won’t be any mysteries! There won’t be thrill and moreover I never felt you are the one!” - Tulasi

    “I think you don’t know to think! May be after few months you will understand and come back to me! I know! We are made for each other!” – Joyal said and Tulasi was quiet.

    “You know I will take care of you well! No worries! Life will be smooth! What worries you in accepting my proposal?!!!” – Joyal

    “I don’t want that smooth all good life Joyal! I want some thrill! I want some mystery in the relationship. I know everything about you and you know about me! Where is the thrill?” – Tulasi asked and Joyal jerked.

    She was completely new to him all of a sudden

    “Is life a movie that you need thrill and mystery in it?!!! Where will you get a family like mine?!!” – Joyal

    “I understand but as of now No! Please understand” – Tulasi

    “May be since grandma brought you up in a conservative way, you want an arranged marriage? That’s what you mean or what? You consider Love as something wrong? ” – Joyal was curious

    “No no! Its not that! Just that I didn’t get the feeling on you which you got on me” – Tulasi said and Joyal was quiet.

    There was a meaningful silence and it was soothing. But didn't want to talk. Both didn't want to run away to home. But it was meaningful and comfortable.

    It was quiet and Tulasi started.

    “I didn’t know having values, morals and respect will be termed as conservative. Being good is old fashioned according to you people and getting spoiled is modern?!!!” – Tulasi asked all of a sudden

    “Ok ok….I didn’t mean it that way!” – Joyal

    "And Love doesn't belong to your modern world! Its there here since ages! Go and read our literature! Goes back to 2000 years and even before that" - Tulasi said firmly.

    Again both were quiet.

    “So whats your response?” – Joyal

    “NO!” – Tulasi

    “I am sure we are made for each other! After few months, you will come and confess! Mark my words! This is going to happen for sure. Now lets go!” – Joyal smiled as he knew Tulasi well.

    P.S : At times there might not be episodes posted, its because I dont want to post it if am not satisfied personally or couldn't concentrate and write So I wait to write properly. It needs a clear mood. I enjoy writing so it takes time and space. So incase if I dont post, please understand! And I will try my best to post everyday! Thanks my dear Ladies!
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019 at 11:20 AM
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  10. IniyaaSri

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    Hi Madhurima : ) : ) : )

    Happy to see your comment! Thank you so much for taking time and writing feedback! : )
    Have posted one more episode now : ) : ) : )
    Thanks once again!
    Wishing you all the good things : )
    Good day : )
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