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What do you think of this...

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by RJMK, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. RJMK

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    Hi My IL frens,,,
    Just a small incident I want to share with all of you..Though its not funny but I just smile when I think of it considering the nervousness of the person who was talking to me.Here I am mentioning my BIL.He is my Husband's elder brother and seems to be the head of the so called close knit family.
    All of you know that my H has raised hand on me and since that day he is no more a DH but just a H for me...

    Well I went to Kolkata to drop off my inlaws to his place since it was time for them to go(she stays half yearly here and half yearly there)..
    Well there my H wanted to buy some toys for my son so he went to some far off place where he could get toys for cheap price and all that...Well he got many and I was a bit upset seeing it since I dont approve of slogging and all and carrying all these stuff via plane..So I brought this up and said that just to save 10 rupees you struggled so much.Hell no ..BIL started shouting at me...Why are you talking like this..He did blah blah blah and all he said....
    Ok I just said one thing to stop since I really dont care.And since the time he has raised hand on me..i anyhow care no more..This was his reply..."BIG DEAL..HE USED TO HIT ME ALSO WHEN I WAS A KID THOUGH I AM ELDER TO HIM.SO WHAT IF HE HIT YOU"..He said this coz that point he has nothing to say in support of his bro and this is what he could say...Dumb to the core I think..And this is the man whose wife sits on his head and the whole family dances to her tune..That very moment I goy up and left..Didt say anything..It was only me,him and his wife there..I was very hurt,upset and sad...But I realised one more thing that my BIL is a b****d..
    And to a man who says such words and who can think like that deserves no respect..SO then and now..I stopped talking to him...
    Guess what I dont pick up his call also..And this brings one more trhing to my notice..Does a BIL has any rights what so ever to talk like this to his younger bro's wife..I mean I dont approve of it...
    Also I didnt tell this all this to H..I mean whats the point.The man is no-brainer so any how no use....:)
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  2. shruthisp

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    No words other than sharing the smile with you :)

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