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Weight Gaining Diet For Preteen

Discussion in 'Baby / Kids Foods' started by SPmom, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. SPmom

    SPmom New IL'ite

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    My preteen girl is underweight.
    Here is her sample routine:
    for breakfast - 2 waffles with whipped cream, milk with boost.(2% milk)
    snack - yogurt
    lunch - 4 mozerelle cheese sticks(she will finish only 2), juice( she rarely finish it).
    after school snack - 2 roti with some curry.
    dinner - rice with dhal, curd.

    what i observed is, she has digestion problem and constipation.
    She has lot of gas and says she is not hungry and she doesn't feel like eating.
    she will have only half of what i give her.

    I think, if i can solve her constipation problem and increase her apetite, she feels more hungry and eats more.
    How can i do that?
    Where am i going wrong in her diet?
    what can i do for proper digestion and increase her appetite?
    what changes do i need in my food planning.

  2. DDream

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    OP, if you have any serious concerns about your dd's health consult a doctor.

    NO wonder your daughter has constipation. Not enough fibre in the diet. She needs to take more fruits, vegetables and water.
    Pear, papaya etc are good fruits that provides enough fibre.You can try prunes juice or metamucil fibre supplement to relieve constipation.
    She needs to eat more protein rich food. If you can include leafy vegetables in curries. That may help. I don't know how to make an 11year old to eat.. try to give some home made fruit juices, so that some fruits go to her body..
    Eating 2 cheese sticks for lunch not enough. Can you replace it with Sandwich. She needs to eat more food to gain weight. Can you add butter/ ghee to roti..
    Every one is different , for some diary products may lead to gas ets.. can in some way replace it alternatimely. With nuts, dates etc...
    If DD is active and healthy, don't worry too much.. but make sure to solve constipation issues as it can lead to more complications..
    Google for fibre rich food, you will find lot of information..
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  3. momsky

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    - Change the milk from 2% to 3.25 or 3.8.
    - Switch to Complan, it has a better vitamin profile than Boost. You can always add cocoa powder if your dd is into choc flavour (but i noticed any choco drink constipate my children)
    - For snack, day1 stirred yogurt, day2 drinkable yogurt with side fruit like banana, strawberry, day3 vanilla or chocolate pudding with side fruits
    - I think school lunch should be a little bit heavy like lasagna, chow mein, sandwiches, burger, dumplings, samosa, poutine (fries with shredded mozarella and gravy), pizza...
    - A full glass of milk before bedtime
    - a glass of orange juice or eating fresh orange slices after dinner helps digestion

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