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Waazaap Shares - Just For Laughs...

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by Murano, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Murano

    Murano Guest

    a thread to share the regular fwds we receive.

    please feel free to upload the fwds that you receive as well.
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  2. Murano

    Murano Guest

    fwd only;

    *Very Inspiring Message*

    Interesting Economics & Observation:
    1990 .....1KG gold = Maruti 800
    2000......1KG gold = Esteem
    2005......1KG Gold = Innova
    2010......1KG Gold = Fortuner
    2016......1KG Gold = BMW X1
    2019......1KG Gold = volvo S60
    Keep 1 KG gold & wait till 2030....you may be able to buy a private Jet....
    Truly inspiring....
    "So please don't refuse if your wife ask gold Ornament".
  3. Murano

    Murano Guest

  4. MSree

    MSree Bronze IL'ite

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    [​IMG]Don’t know how to upload getting error. Keep fun shares going
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