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Unconditional Love!

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Rith, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Rith

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    Thank you muggs dear. Will post tomorrow
  2. Rith

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    Episode 11:

    The crescent moon along with the stars showered blessings on that night time.

    “Can you be mine Jaya?” he asked

    Jaya’s soft hand was sandwiched between his rough hands. She clutched his left hand as a token of affirmation. She is now confident on what she is doing. And she is absolutely fine with that. Yes. She has decided that he is her perfect soulmate. An half an hour dinner date was sufficient for them to move to next step.

    “Sure?” he asked waiting for a verbal confirmation

    “Yes” she said hiding her face in his hands.

    “Hoooooo” he yelled in joy

    “Ssssshhhhh” she screamed mutely waving her eyes in all direction

    He pulled her towards him and hugged. His Axe perfume blended with his sweat odour suffocated her.

    “Office” she pushed him away still blushing

    “Thank you Jaya. I am so happy now”

    ”me too Prasanna. If not you, I would have confessed. You know, we are not going together. Actually, I have to stay back for an urgent report. The way I felt happy for the time we are together, I felt sad when I couldn’t be with you conveyed what I am feeling for you. I need not think anymore. Today I was thinking about you, ONLY you which stopped me from concentrating on my work. As a result, I made wrong report which resulted in escalation. Now I have to stay back. With this confusion I know I cannot stay peaceful. I know I have fallen for you already. There is of no use in hiding it and suffering.”

    “That’s right. I will wait and you ….”

    She interrupted. “No…we will meet tomorrow. Please leave now. I am feeling good now. I can focus completely on my work. I can take my office cab once work gets over. So don’t worry about me. I am used to such late nights. You better leave please”

    “Ok, I will leave. Text me when you leave”

    “Definitely. Will do” she ensured by showing thumbs up

    He left. She walked towards her building jumping in joy. She completed the report and left by around 2 AM. After reaching home, she immediately texted Prasanna that she reached home safe. Instantly she got a reply from him “Good. Sleep well. Good night”. Her lips curved seeing his reply

    “You didn’t sleep yet” she texted back

    “on and off. Waiting for your message” he replied

    Jaya “ok, you sleep now. I have to go to office by 12”

    Prasanna “Shall I pick you”



    Jaya“come on. What if somebody notice us”

    Prasanna “That I will take care”

    Jaya“Prasanna! Please. Even you have work. How long you are going to be in this sez campus. You have other projects to take care of right?”

    Prasanna “I will drop you then go to my office. Not an issue for me”

    Jaya“Well, I will text you when I leave”

    Prasanna “Same auto stand?”

    Jaya“Nope. I lied that day”

    Prasanna “You…you..you”

    Jaya“Yeah me…me…me…eyes are burning now Prasanna. I will call you where to pick me from. Now, you sleep. Good night”

    They both hit the bed and sleep embraced them with beautiful colorful dreams.


    Meera opened her eyes with much of difficulty. Saradha’s nonstop shouting woke her up. Her clock showed the time as 7:30 AM. She jumped from the bed “Oh my god. Guna pa will be waiting” she screamed and rushed into bathroom. She refreshed and changed to a knee length kurta and matching patiyala pant. Her eyes looked red. When she came out of the room, Saradha gave a cold stare. Meera ignored and walked out of the house. Saradha’s voice was audible till the end of the lane. She walked fast and as she expected Guna was waiting for her in the temple. He looked tired

    “Sorry pa. I slept” saying she sat next to him

    Guna held her chin and looked at her eyes “you didn’t sleep properly? Your eyes look red. You didn’t call me yesterday after getting into cab, I was worried” he looked concerned

    “Sorry pa. Phone battery was drained. I didn’t take my charger. Also I came late night due to work. I am really sorry” she held his hand

    “Arrey. It’s nothing da. Why don’t you sleep then?”

    “As usual Saradha bellowed, I don’t know why. After checking time I was worried you will be waiting here, so came. I didn’t even have my coffee Appa”

    “Oh no! Come to my home”

    “Now? See how I am looking appa. In this shabby dress how can I come? What will aunty think about me? I will definitely come this weekend. Now let’s go to our Ravi anna’s shop and have hot coffee. Come.”

    “If you promise me that you will get vada for me, I may come” Guna winked

    Meera put her hands on her hip and gave a fake stare at him. “No way. May be I will get black tea” saying she laughed. They walked towards the tea shop and Meera sipped her coffee

    Guna caressed her head for which she chuckled like a small kid. Kalyani came there searching for Guna. She sighed in relief seeing him with Meera. She waved at them. Meera gulped her coffee as soon as possible and ran towards her “How are you Aunty?”

    Kalyani’s face turned red. Widened lips shrunk and she turned her eyes away from her and fixed at Guna. He understood why she reacted like that and laughed sheepishly. Meera couldn’t understand anything and looked at both of them in conundrum. As people started approaching the tea shop, Kalyani gestured Guna to walk towards the temple and she moved ahead. He followed her silently then did Meera. Kalyani sat comfortable on the stairs of temple which still remained closed.

    “Aunty?” muttered Meera

    “Guna? This is not fair” Kalyani pouted

    “What happened Appa?” asked Meera confused by her behavior

    “See? You are her APPA and I am still Aunty. This is absolutely not fair. Didn’t you feel like calling me as Amma?” Kalyani’s asked in fake anger tone

    “No..No..not like that. My bad my mistake” she felt happy for her reasonable anger and cursed herself for forgetting this simple fact. She was overwhelmed by her affection and rushed towards her and grabbed her hands. Kalyani caressed her hair.

    “I fooled you. As your Guna appa, this Kalyani amma also love you so much to the core” she kissed her forehead “do you mind calling me as Amma?”

    “I should be blessed to call you like that Amma” Meera said in husky voice as her throat blocked. Guna gently patted her shoulder. She smiled holding her hand.

    “You should stay happy always” blessed Kalyani

    Meera smiled. Her red eyes shined in happiness.

    “You didn’t start to hospital yet. I am surprised seeing you here” Guna asked Kalyani

    “Don’t get beatings from me. Throughout night you didn’t sleep, morning you left by 6:45 till 7:30 you didn’t come back. What would I think? I guessed you will be in temple only so came in search of you” replied Kalyani

    “Why you didn’t sleep appa?” asked Meera

    “Why you didn’t call him when you board cab?” asked Kalyani in same tone

    “I had to stay back for an urgent work and started late. My phone battery drained completely” replied Meera in embarrassed tone. Her face turned wishy-washy, head down

    “Its ok da. Leave it. I was worried when there is no information about you. Also I am so used to our morning meeting and night call. When that was missed I felt restless. This is normal, nothing to worry about” Guna said casually. Kalyani nodded in affirmation. Meera thanked God mutely for blessing her with such a nice relationship

    “Now that we have met her, please come with me now. I will give you injection. Take rest and sleep well. You look pale. I am worried to leave you alone and go.” Kalyani

    “Yeah Appa, please. You should take rest. “

    Guna felt a mild prick in his left side. That was third time he had that from morning. He felt a mild pain in left jaw and left hand. Sensing something is not right, before he collapse on ground, he clasped Meera’s hand “Do you believe me completely or this relationship is just a passing cloud according to you?” he asked in a hurry

    Meera felt shocked and confused and so do Kalyani “Appa, what sort of question is this. You mean a lot to me. Ask me to sacrifice my life for you, I will do without a second thought. I promise”

    “So, you believe me completely, right?”

    “Of course, yes. Whom will I believe then Appa. Why are you asking like this? Why your face is turning red?”

    “Promise me Meera, you will do whatever I say” Guna said with broken voice. Kalyani got panic with his sudden behavior “Guna, relax first. Let’s go home now.”

    “Wait Kalyani. I feel like asking this to Meera right now. Don’t stop me”

    “This is not the right time Guna. You doesn’t seem to be well. I can see that from your eyes. Please Guna, let’s go” she begged him

    Guna ignored Kalyani and looked at Meera

    “I promise Appa. Whats happening to you?” she held his hands

    “I am alright Meera. Now, you promise me that you will be with me forever by marrying my son.”

    “WHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT” Meera’s heart stopped beating. She felt a choke in her throat. Tears rolled down on her cheeks. Her hands automatically released his hands and swung in air

    “Don’t worry about your parents or whatever. If you believe us that we will take good care of you, then promise NOW”

    She stood still without knowing what to do. She felt the entire world started spinning around her.

    Guna felt sorry for her shocked reaction. “Meera, this is my wish. Your sudden absence from me because of your job threw me devastated. I don’t know whether I will survive or not when you go away completely from me after marriage. Besides, my son will be a best match for you and you are the perfect match for my son. Being my daughter in law, you will be with me always, don’t you? What do you say Meera”

    Her throat was choked and words stuck beneath. She rolled her fingers into her fist.

    Guna’s pain has aggravated now. He knows he will be collapsed anytime. He sighed in dismay seeing Meera’s silence. He felt disenchanted. “Kani, call Jagan, let’s go by his auto. I don’t think I can walk” saying he stretched his legs and massaged his left hand with his right. Kalyani ran out to call auto wala Jagan

    “You are ready to sacrifice your life without second thought but won’t marry my son to satisfy my wish, isn’t it Meera. You will accept death easily if I say, but when I am ready to offer you life, you won’t, isn’t it” said Guna in weak tone

    “AAAPPPPPPAAAAAAAA” she sat down on her kneel holding his legs. She sighed high, took deep breath, wiped her tears and tightened her grip on his legs “as you wish. I will marry your son” her voice broke and she spoke in low voice.

    “You need not accept for my sake” said Guna

    “No, I promise” she took his right hand and placed her right hand on his. Then she held his hand tightly and rubbed his back to comfort him. Guna’s eyes shined while his lips curved in happiness. Kalyani and Jagan came running

    “Kani, Meera has accepted” he shouted in joy

    “Is it?” Kalyani exclaimed and held her hands and kissed on her forehead. Meera hugged her tightly and sobbed. Kalyani rubbed her back gently and waved her hands on her hair. “Thank you dear.” Her eyes welled up. Jagan helped Guna to get up which Guna denied. “I am perfectly alright Jagan. I can walk on my own” said Guna and boarded the auto waving bye to Meera. Kalyani caressed her head smiling then she boarded the auto

    “I will refresh and come Amma” said Meera. She waved bye to Guna and started walking towards her home. Her legs walked unstable, she tried hard to control her emotions on road.

    May be she would have accepted whole heartedly if Guna has asked a couple of weeks before; before she met her dream boy and confessed her love. Now, she has given commitment about her life to two different persons without knowing both the persons are same

    Yes. Her dream boy is none other than Prasanna and she is Meera @ Jayalakshmi, Meera being her pet name and her official name is Jaya Lakshmi

    The roller coaster begins now

    To Be Continued…
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    Super super. How you are going to screen the emotion drama. Am eagerly awaiting Rith.
    Hope all ends well dear.
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  4. Deepika23

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    I sought of expected this twist .
    Beautiful story
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  5. ratan

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    Wonderful twist . :clap2:
  6. ammusatheesh

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    Twist unexpected waiting to know more Rith...gng wonderful
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  7. peddadas

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    arre wah! Lovely! Now one more torture for Meera! Her life isn't smooth !
  8. srilaxmi

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  9. anupama1

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    Now, now, now......that's a nice twist!!! poor love birds Prasanna and Jaya:grinning:
  10. Rith

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    Episode 12:

    Meera suppressed her tears and ran fast to her home. Saradha was in kitchen and Boominathan was at hall reading newspaper. She ignored everyone and rushed to her room locked the door and sat on the cot throwing her dupatta away with force. Tears rolled on her cheeks falling on her kurti completely wetting it. She didn’t even mind to wipe the tears.

    why did you come in my life Prasanna?” she lied down looking at the ceiling.

    “Who is important now, Guna or Prasanna?” her inner voice pricked her

    She rewind the day she met Guna and how happy she felt showered by his selfless love and care.

    His son is my husband she said to herself. Her thoughts were disturbed by shouting of Sharadha.

    “you have to suffer. You married me irrespective of my wish. Forced marriage ends like this only” her words pricked Meera

    She thought how her life will be when Guna’s son is not interested in this marriage and accepts for the sake of Guna. “I should suffer for the rest of my life also?” Meera jerked

    She sat silently on the cot cursing her fate. Her head pained. She simply lied on the bed shedding tears. Several thoughts haunted her. Every time she closed her eyes she imagined a worse marriage life and opened her eyes immediately confounded.

    “if I stay like this I will go mad. Better let me start to office” saying she went to get ready

    She denied food and ignored Saradha’s non stop yelling. She walked slowly towards the bus stop. Till she reaches office her mind was wandering like anything. While entering the sez campus she felt heaviness in her heart. “I should not meet Prasanna anymore” she thought. Her eyes welled up again. She covered her head with her dupatta and walked in another route towards her building. She controlled her urge to look at the new block and walked fast. After reaching her desk, she sighed in relief.

    She took out her mobile from her bag and shocked to see lot of missed calls and messages from Prasanna. Immediately she blocked his number. She rushed to restroom and sobbed.

    “Why are you killing me my god? What sin I did for putting me into such a worst situation. I couldn’t be loyal to both Prasanna and Guna pa. How can I live with his son when I have Prasanna in my mind. Why my life is such a mess?” she cried silently closing her mouth with kerchief. She then wiped her tears, washed her face and came back to her desk.

    Meera couldn’t do anything in office. She wanted to run away from the place and vanish with air. She emailed her manager that she is leaving from office as she is not keeping well and started from that place. She boarded a bus which goes to a nearby village. She put on her coolers and covered her face with dupatta to hide her tears. A big temple was found where the bus stopped. Meera went in and sat in a corner facing the deity.

    At the same time, Guna was in cloud nine. Kalyani felt very happy seeing Guna like that. She gave him injection to sleep after breakfast then got ready to hospital. Gune held her hand when she bid bye.

    “Be with me Kani. Please” begged Guna

    “What happened Guna? I have given you injection. You should sleep now isnt it?” asked Kalyani

    “yes, but I feel like staying with you” Guna

    “But Guna, I…” Kalyani has some appointments that day so she hesitated. Prasanna came to meet them to bid bye as he is starting to office. Seeing him Guna jumped and hugged him tight.

    Prasanna was actually in disappointment as none of his phone calles and messages were answered and suddenly he couldn’t call his Jaya. He still couldn’t believe that his number has been blocked by her. So he got ready to meet her and ask her only for her sudden change in her behavior. Unfortunately he was stopped by Guna

    “Prasan. Stay with me na. please don’t go. I have something important to share with you” Guna

    “Sorry pa. I got to go. I have a very important meeting. Please” denied Prasanna

    “What happened to your voice? You’ve got severe cold? Your voice has changed completely?” asked Kalyani

    He nodded sniffing badly.

    “Anyway you are not keeping well. Stay with me na” pleaded Guna

    “Sorry Dad. I have to go” Prasanna

    “Is it important than me” Guna asked in normal tone

    “It is my life pa” Prasanna said to himself.

    Seeing him without giving an answer Guna left a sigh and asked him to leave.

    “Bye Pa” said Prasanna and left with heavy heart

    “What about you Kani?” asked Guna blandly

    “Give ma an hour Guna. Anyways you have to sleep now. By the time you are awake I’ll be back. Promise” Kalyani sat near him and gently touched his shoulders

    “Ok” replied Guna in one word and left to his room. Kalyani gave lunch menu to the cook and was getting ready. When she was about to leave she heard a thud noise in her room. She threw her bag and ran up. She was shocked to see Guna on floor holding his left chest , eyes squeezed shut mourning in pain.

    “GUNAAAAAAAAAA” she shouted and lifted him up. He was completely drenched in sweat. In no time he fell on her lap unconscious

    “Oh my god!” she panicked. Hearing the noise cook and driver came up. Driver lifted Guna and brought him down. Kalyani checked his pulse and found it is not normal. She put her stethoscope on his chest and confirmed the abnormality. With tears in her eyes, she wiped his face with towel.

    “Don’t worry ma. Sir will be alright. Lets go to hospital” said her driver and took him to the car. Kalyani followed him. Kalyani instructed him to go to Partha’s hospital while she called Partha and informed about Guna’s health condition. Then she called Prasanna. She breathed heavily and prayed the almighty to save Guna and provide her strength.

    Guna was taken to critical care unit and Dr. Partha was readily available with all arrangements. Initial investigation with treatment has been started. Kalyani eyes were keep on shedding tears. Prasanna who just entered the SEZ campus left immediately after Kalyani called him and conveyed the information. He started to the hospital at once.

    At hospital:

    Partha came out after half an hour. Seeing him Kalyani stood up with some hope in her eyes

    Partha hung his head down and sighed “Sorry Kalyani. This time its massive heart attack. I cant say anything now. Treatment is going on. I need not say, You know very well for a high BP, diabetic patient how critical it is to…” Kalyani interrupted him showing her palm.

    “I want to see him” she said

    “Come in” Partha let her in

    She wore the robe and mask and went inside. Guna was lying on the bed with so much of wires and monitors displaying his BP, ECG readings and heart beat count and breathing with oxygen mask. Though Kalyani was used to such setup, she couldn’t withstand seeing her man in such a state. She ran her fingers on his cheeks and whispered on his ears “Don’t betray me Guna. I am still waiting for you hoping we will play those romantic pranks and you shower me with your love again soon. I don’t know to live without you. Life without you is not possible for me Guna. If you want to leave this world, take me too. I will happily accompany you.you have taught me everything but forgot to teach me how to live in this world in your absence. I cant do that. Till you come back, I’ll wait without having even a drop of water” she kissed him on his forehead and left.

    “Ma!” Prasanna ran and held her hand. “What happened Mom. Morning he was alright, what happened suddenly? How is he now? Where is Uncle?”

    “He has got massive heart attack” she said while sobbing

    “WHAT??” he yelled in shock and sat down on his kneels placing his head on her lap

    “Meera? I have to inform Meera about this” Kalyani remembered she didn’t inform Meera about this. She dialled her number

    “Who is she?” asked Prasanna

    She gestured him to wait and concentrated on the phone.

    Seeing Kalyani’s number in the display, Meera wiped her tears and attended the call wondering why is she calling now“Hello! Yes Ma!??”

    She was shattered hearing about Guna. “I will come there right away Ma. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to Appa” she cut the call and ran towards the sanctum sanctorum. Closing her eyes and folding her hands she prayed for Guna and ran out of the temple.

    Since that’s a village buses are not frequent. She has to wait for one more hour to board the bus. She scolded herself for the foolish act of getting trapped in a village as she was not able to go out at the time of need. Every minute was felt like standing on thorns. In this chaos she completely forgot about Prasanna and her thoughts were only clouded around Guna and Kalyani.

    In the meantime, Prasanna enquired who is Meera and why was it so important to convey about Guna whom Prasanna doesn’t know at all.

    “She is your father’s selection as your soulmate, our daughter in law; a daughter actually” Kalyani whispered with broken voice cherishing the memories how happy Guna felt when Meera accpeted for the marriage

    And that’s one more shock for Prasanna. When he has no clue about Jaya, his future has been tagged with some other girl by his parents. He couldn’t take that easily. To add fuel to his temper, Kalyani threw the next bomb “today he spoke to her and she has accepted. We planned to have your marriage very soon. We had lot of dreams. HE HAD lot of dreams, you know” said Kalyani wiping her tears

    “And what about me Mom. Have you ever thought that you need to get my consent as well?” Prasanna asked quitely

    “Prasanna??” Kalyani narrowed her eyebrows

    “When you know that you need to get the girls approval, how did you forget the fact that my consent is also equally important” Prasanna

    “But she is really a nice selection. Your dad badly wanted her to be his daughter in law. Such a good, calm, innocent…”

    Prasanna interrupted her “So? It’s my life isnt it? It’s me who gonna live with her Mom”

    When Kalyani was about to reply, Partha came “Kalyani. He has gained consiousness. He is trying to say something. Come soon”

    Kalyani held Prasanna’s hand and they both went in. she touched his cheeks and Guna slowly opened his eyes. With little difficulty he called her name “Kani” and breathed heavily, his eyes half closed

    “Guna. Listen. You will be alright. I am with you. Don’t strain, ok? Relax. Stay relax.” Kalyani caressed his hand

    He looked at Prasanna and turned his gaze back to Kalyani and again with little difficulty he asked “Meera?”

    Kalyani “I have called her and she is on the way. She will be here anytime”

    Guna sighed heavily and again he became unconscious.

    Prasanna felt very bad that he didn’t even attempt to talk to him nor enquired about him. He remembered some girl but he ignored his own son who is standing in front of him praying for his wellness. His anger tunred towards that unknown girl Meera. Who the hell she is? He pouted

    He was already in bad mood due to sudden disapperance of Jaya. Besides Guna’s sudden health issue and news about marriage proposal with an unknown girl without his consent affected him badly. All these mixture of emotions turned as a hatred towards that unknown girl and for no reason he started hating her.

    Partha offered them a room to relax while he continued the treatment and 24*7 monitoring Guna.

    Meera boarded the bus and rushed to the hospital mentioned by Kalyani. She directly went to ICU and was told that Kalyani and his son are in next floor room no 204. As she couldn’t meet Guna she rushed to that room to meet Kalyani

    Prasanna started a heated argument with Kalyani and conveyed he is not interested to marry Meera. Kalyani was shocked to hear that and argued with him. Both stood strong at their views without giving up for other. While their argument was on peak, Meera identified the room and was about to knock while she heard their conversation and stood out wondering whether she can go in or not hearing Prasanna’s bellow

    She couldn’t recognize Prasanna due to change in his voice because of severe cold.

    Kalyani said in sharp tone “Look. This is your father’s wish. We have decided that she is our daughter in law. More than anything, more than you, more than this world, he, his words, his wish is important to me. SHE IS MY DAUGHTER IN LAW. THIS IS OUR DECISION. OUR WISH. YOUR FATHER’S DREAM. If you are not marrying Meera, then you are no more our son. I forget the fact that I gave birth to you”

    “Mom?” Prasanna collapsed

    “My decision is final” replied Kalyani looking sharp at his eyes

    “You won’t consider my decision? Am I not important to you” Prasanna pleaded

    “Your dad’s wish is my wish. He is more than anything to me. In front of his desire this world is small for me and I will go to any extreme to satisfy his wish. And, those who stand against him means nothing to me; whomsoever they are; son, god doesn’t matter.” Roared Kalyani

    Prasanna has never seen her like this in his life time. He has never seen her angry face. Not in any situation. He could be the first person to experience such attack from such a calm kind person. This feeling even more triggered his emotions.

    “OOOKKKKK…”shouted Prasanna “I will marry that Meera but you can force me only to tie knot. You can’t force me to live with her. I will marry just, ONLY just for your sake. I am not like you mom, to throw away your son just like a ****. You are important to me. But, I won’t live with her. You are spoiling 2 lives. She will know the effect of this marriage happened without the consent of me. She will know, you will know, one fine day, that this is going to be an unsuccesful marriage. My life will be a lesson to all those who marry when either of us don’t like”

    Meera was frozen by his words.

    “This is the result of a marriage if either of them doesn’t like it” Sharadha’s words echoed in her ears

    “My life will be a lesson to all those who marry when either of us don’t like”

    Both Sharadha and Prasanna’s words echoed continuously in her mind. She imagined how she has to suffer if she marries Guna’s son

    Tears rolled down her cheeks.

    To Be Continued…
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