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U & Me…Part VII

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Angellic, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Angellic

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    Joy came running and asked janani, “Hey janani, you seem to be upset with ma mom... (Nah nah) I think with larshini right…
    Nothing like that joy, why should I get upset with larshini? Such a pretty girl she is…said janani with a dull face…
    Yeah, I know you; I can read your mind very well dear. I can see the numbness in your face and eyes…I want janani to be a smiley smiley girl, not an upset dully girl…so now back to the reality…smile dear, no beauty can win this charming prince except the beauty of janani…said joy (looking at janani with his head tilted halfway to his shoulder, with his single brow raised)
    Looking at the cute charm in joy’s face, janani couldn’t resist her smile.

    Days went so fast. They all enjoyed a lot being together, shared their likes & dislikes, supporting each other in their tough time, and enjoying their study period to the fullest.

    They all shared a common room for their night study in the hostel. They all had lots of fun studying together. All there papers were also very easy. Tough but memorable study period came to an end. Their exams were finished. Janani thought of postponing her plan to visit Chennai as she wanted to spend some valuable time with joy. But destiny had something else for her.

    Her uncle called her on the very same day of her last exam and told her to come home immediately. Janani called joy and told him that she will ask permission from uncle to spend a week in the hostel with her friends as it’s the end of their final sem.

    Joy came to the station with janani and took two first class tickets to karjat. They sat together and joy was looking at janani without a blink and janani blushed.

    With a lovely smile, janani said, “Joy, please! Stop looking at me like this.

    Why? You are my girl; I have all the rights to see you. Dekh hi tho raha hu, tumhe kaa thodi raha hu…said joy with a wink (Just looking at you, yaar, I’m not gonna eat you)

    Joy, please, I don’t like it, don’t talk like this and don’t look at me like this, pleaseeee, ok, then tell, what’s your future plan? Asked janani.
    Smart way to escape from ma charm look huh, very smart. Anyways, my future seems to be dark, I’m dead, as I can’t see you, hereafter, said joy.
    Yeah, Yeah, Go to Cochin and meet your larshini then, said janani with a naughty smile.
    Oh, well, that’s not a bad idea, Will surely do that for you dear, said joy.
    You are so cheap joy, how dare you say that to me? Go to hell, I hate you, said janani with frowned face.
    Oh, wow, I too love you, said joy…
    XXXuse me, I said, I hate you which means I don’t love you, said janani with a fake anger.
    Oh, is it? I heard you saying I love you, you can’t think of anyone else, when I’m there for you, said joy…
    Oh, that means you are a gone case then and you need to be treated, said janani with naughty smile…
    There lovely conversation went on and on. Janani told joy, that she won’t be able to do anything against their parent’s will, but at the same time, she can’t imagine a life without him. Her eyes turned wet saying this. She promised him that she won’t leave him or accept anyone else in her life at any situation.

    Finally they reached karjat station, and janani looked at joy with a cute smile and then looking at janani, joy said, kash, ye pal yahee tam jaye…(I wish the time stops here) hmm, then… you are going huh, I’m upset, I loved this moment. I think it’s gonna be my most memorable train journey, said joy.
    I’m going to miss you a lot joy, anyways uncle will be waiting for me, so….paused janani.
    So, Say something nah, I would love to hear those words, atleast now…said joy.
    Which words joy? I didn’t get you, said janani with a wink…
    All girls are the same, chal then bye, I’m gonna miss you too, said joy (making faces)…

    Janani moved forward…after few steps, janani slowly turned back, looked at joy. Joy was looking at janani curiously. Janani said, I love you, joy and I’m gonna miss you a lot, saying this she smiled.

    Hearing her words, joy started dancing like a manic, and said with a lovely smile, I love you too, and I’m gonna miss you too, all girls are the same but not you. Girls are girls, but you are janani, you are my life, you are the only girl in my life. I may die, but my love will never die, saying this he said sayonara to her.

    Janani’s heart was filled with joy’s words and her mind was filled with his thoughts. She reached home. As soon as she reached home, her uncle told her to pack her bags as he had already booked the tickets for Chennai. Janani was shocked. But uncle, why so immediately? I thought of spending some time with my friends, said janani…
    What to do ma, your dad told me to book the ticket long before so that you reach Chennai by 29th June. He said, it’s your dad’s childhood friend’s daughter’s marriage on 30th June, said uncle.

    Janani packed her bags in a hurry and uncle dropped her to the station. Janani reached Chennai on 29th June. Janani’s mom welcomed her with a warm lovely smile. Janani hugged her mother. Then came sid, janani gave a high-five to sid. There was all casual talk then.
    Then janani asked her mom, whose marriage ma? Uncle told me about it.
    It’s our vidya’s marriage ma…
    Oh, vidya’s marriage, wow, mom, she is getting married so soon, time travel so fast nah…said janani…
    Yeah…but it’s the parent’s responsibility to get their daughter’s marriage soon. After vidya, I think, its going to be your turn then…
    Please mom, don’t talk about marriage now, I want to achieve aim. So like 4-5 years later, I will be ready…said janani…
    Talk to your dad then…
    Mom please, my sweet mom, please help me mom…ok
    Mom smiled…
    Ok, mom, sari?? Which sari should I wear on her marriage? Asked janani
    I brought this sari for you saying this she bring the sari from the wardrobe…
    Wow, it’s so very beautiful, love you mom, you are the best mom in this world…

    Janani wore a dark navy blue silk sari with green & golden border. She looks completely like a marriage material with some much jewels matching to her sari and French braid with golden point-pin decoration and jasmine flowers pinned beautiful along the length of her hair. Her mom decorated her like a bride.

    Janani reached the marriage hall 2 hours prior to marriage. As soon as she reached the hall, she rushed to the bride room, and called vidya with a loud happy voice. Vidya came and hugged her tightly and said janani, enna edhu, ennaiku en marriage…un marriage ella, supera eruka endha sari la, chance se ella, ellorum confuse anga pora… (What’s this? Its ma marriage, not yours, u look so beautiful in this sari, i think people will get confused)

    Hmm, I know I look like a moving beauty parlor. I told my mom but she didn’t listen to me. She said, marriagela ella relatives varuva, ava parvaiku ne eppadi vandha dha ava namba family ya mathipa…(All our relatives are going to come for this marriage, if you dress up royally then only they will respect our family)…

    But whatever you say, you look damn beautiful. I think today is going to be your swayamvaram, said vidya…

    Oh, please no swayamvaram now, all these stuffs after 4-5 years later, said janani…
    Hey did you meet our Tom? Asked vidya.

    Tommy? I didn’t see him. How is he? It’s been so long. Where is he? Is he still the same clown type or any changes? Asked janani…

    Janani, you won’t believe, he changed a lot. He looks so mature, but still the same clown in our home, not to the outside world, said vidya.

    Hello, Miss Diana, how are you? Asked tom.

    Tommy, hey, Hii, I’m doing well, hmm, you look so very different…Long hair, French beard, cool glass what a change over…chance se ella tommy (no chance) …what happen to you? Eppadi endu ella? Americans unga style ye change pannita…

    Ok, ok, rommba pugallchi ennaku pidikkadu (I don’t like too much compliments)
    Oh, Tommy…

    Hello Ms. Diana, atleast now you call me tom cruise ma…
    No way, tom cruise is my favorite actor, I can’t commit that sin…said janani.

    Hey, atleast call me by my name, if my friend hear this, then I’m simply gone, I’m 4 to 5 yrs elder to you, you are calling me tommy which is your pet dog’s name, not fair ma, please…

    I’m so so sorry; I forgot that, I’m extremely sorry Shridhar, said janani with her hands holding her ears.

    Hey don’t be sorry, I actually loved it when you call me tommy, I still remember those days, when I used to spoil all your creative work, you get irritated so very soon, then with frustration, you used to scold your pet with an eye on me…I understand all those words were intentionally mean to me… Lovely past…
    Me, vidya, you and our home sweet home at mylapore. Lovely days were those, I still miss them a lot. Now I have changed a lot but my memories remind me of all those naughtiness or funny activities that I did before.

    Hey janani, you call him tommy, but this tom cruise do have a die-hard female fan, said vidya.

    What are you saying? Who is that poor, pity creature? Asked janani.

    Vidya hold janani’s hand and took her to the main hall (standing in a corner) showed a girl in a pink embroidery sari who was seating in the front row with her eye rolling here and there.

    Pia, Is it pia? Oh my god, pia is die-hard fan of tommy, that’s unbelievable, said janani.
    Hey, wait, wait, do you know her? Asked janani.
    She was the one only enemy in our college, I hated this girl like anything, said janani.
    She insulted me in front of everyone in the college…
    Hey, don’t worry; now we will play a prank, which she won’t forget in her lifetime, what you say janani…

    To be continued…

    With Love,
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  2. Sofea

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    Wow! This is a really cool chapter Angelic! Now that Janani is back to Chennai, her cute Tamil is also back with a bang! But seeing Pia here is a surprise. Hopefully, Vidya's prank on Pia doesn't backfire on Janani.
  3. deepa10

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    Cute... After a long time u have posted this.. A nice twist.. Hope Pia is not going to ruin anything for janani..!!
  4. Arunarc

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    Nice twist.. So Pia has found someone else.....that too Janani's friend
  5. shashiv

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    A nice twist......


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