Travelling alone is nightmare :)

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    I just thought of sharing this unforgettable experience of mine :)

    I worked in Mumbai a year before.I was asked to report in my new office which is located near vashi.I stayed in place called kandivalli.So my office is exactly 2 hrs plus drive through city bus.I am always afraid of travelling alone to new places.Dont know why but even during day time I become blind and dumb when I am in new place :p So I started searching for routes and buses to reach the new office.Got suggestion from friends and googled for sometime.There came the twist :drowning.
    I found a site of govt buses and searched for shortest route to reach my new office.This site suggested me to take a Mira road bus and get down in Apna Bazar and from that place to my new office and it also suggested that the time to reach my office as 45 mins.So to prove my punctuality I tried to go by this route and convinced my friends too(Even they were pretty new to Mumbai).

    First Bus:
    So as per plan I took the Mira road bus and got down in Apna bazar.Everyone including the conductor stared at me when I mentioned Apna bazar.I did not mind much.When I got down in the bus stop I got the real meaning of their stares.There was a work in progress road with small board Apna bazar :) No one on that lane except some crows :p

    Auto wala:
    It was almost 8:30 am that time.I thought to make a call to office.My teammember was surprised to hear that I am in Mira road.She said the place where I am standing is exact opposite side to our office means no way connected.:bonkOops.They suggested me another route.So as per their route I should take some 2 buses from Mira road.So I thought to take auto for half way.Even for half way they asked 500 ruppees.I thought of telling that it would be better if the autowala lend me 500 :) I hardly had that amount.Meanwhile this news reached everyone in office and all were eagerly waiting to see the intelligent personality(Myself) :)
    Correct Route:
    Some how reached new office at 12:00 noon :) Great punctuality.Had a great welcome from team :p Till date when they cross Apna bazar they laugh thinking about me :)

    Finally came to know that there are 2 Apna bazars in Mumbai and the site did not know the difference between these two and gave me a shortest route as per its understanding.:bonk

    From that day I stopped googling for routes :)

    Sorry If I bored you much :)
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    haha, had a good laugh. Thanks for sharing your experience :)

    I am also scared of visiting new places alone but in terms of harm by people (maybe due to watching too many movies and documentaries! ;-)). So I keep checking around to see if I am being followed or any different looks from strangers.....Better to be safe, na. Otherswise, I enjoy exploring on my own!

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