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Tips To Safe Guard Musical Instruments At Home

Discussion in 'Home Decoration & Improvement' started by Anusowmyan, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Anusowmyan

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    Musical instruments like veena, violin, mrudangam, tabala, guitar, flute, keyboard etc are normally learnt by children or elders at home and so they find place in our homes. Maintaining them in good working conditions helps to preserve them for long time use. In smaller apartments creating separate space for them may not be possible, but few measures will be enough to safe guard them. Here are they:

    · Fix a safe corner for the instrument in the house. Don’t often change the place.

    · Always place the instrument with cover. Try to wipe them with a soft cloth daily so that dust and dirt will not accumulate.

    · Never place the instrument near window, so as to avoid direct sunlight or water during rainy season

    · Don’t touch the instrument with wet or oily hands. Never serve eatables near the instrument, left overs may pave way to ants and insects.

    · Ants &insects may cause severe damage to the instruments. Keep them away.

    · IF strings or keys get stuck or not functioning properly, consult the technicians immediately to avoid further damage.

    · Never place the instrument in shelves or racks along with other household items. That may lead to scratches.

    · Place the instrument at proper height so that handling is made easy.

    · Know the correct position (Vertical or horizontal) to place the instrument.

    · For a few instruments, boxes are provided for their safety. Do buy and place them in it.

    · Play the instrument everyday for at least few minutes, so that the tune of the instrument is not lost and helps to have good practice sessions.

    · Always handle with care, in response to it, they will give wonderful music.
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