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The Chain Smoker .

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by ksuji, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. ksuji

    ksuji Gold IL'ite

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    Sundar was very pious and disciplined .

    For the past 3 days he had been coughing every now and then. His wife was pressing him to consult the doctor who was in that area. But Sundar expected , as he had experienced in the past , that the cough will abate and vanish naturally in a day or two. It didn't . So he decided to consult the doctor and went to the clinic , that evening .

    He was coughing very frequently while sitting in the waiting hall . At last his turn came.

    Sunder pushed the door of the consulting room ; he coughed.

    The doctor asked him to sit on the stool. Sundar sat, and also was coughing.

    Doctor asked him,” Because of cough you have come here, is it not ?”

    Sunder nodded his head .”Yes”.

    The doctor observed his face keenly .

    The black lips of Sundar was very conspicuous . The doctor concluded, ‘ this is purely a case of nicotine’ .

    The doctor gave a prescription and also a cough syrup to Sundar .

    “ Take 10 ml of this syrup morning and night after food for 3 days .”

    “And one more thing which is very important, you have to follow this rule very strictly .”

    “ Lok , Lok …. What is ..Lok, Lok…(coughs) it doctor ..Lok, Lok,Lok ?”

    The doctor replied “after finishing the syrup, for one week you have to smoke only one cigarette in the morning and one in the evening, not more than that , strictly”.

    Sundar started to speak, “ But doctor, Lok,Lok Lok, ……”.

    The doctor , in a strict and loud voice told Sundar ,” No , no, no, no. No bargaining and no request . Your health is important . So you must control yourself . Do what I say and come to me after ten days “.

    Sundar slowly returned home , coughing all the way.


    Ten days passed .


    Sundar and his wife were sitting in front of the doctor.

    Sundar did not cough at all.

    The doctor was all in smile .”You are not at all coughing now . I am very happy. My diagnosis is 100% correct . And......”

    The face of Mrs Sundar was red with anger . “ Doctor ! You have changed my husband into a chain smoker . Before coming to you he had never touched even a single cigarette .”
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  2. creativemumma

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