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Story-writing contest for kids 6-12 in Bay Area - Dec-Jan

Discussion in 'Places & Events in Bay Area' started by bayareaND, Dec 6, 2011.

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    GopaKuteeram (under Global Organization for Divinity) proudly presents Madhura Katha, a story writing competition for kids aged 6-12.
    Gopakuteeram - A kid's Program aimed at imparting knowledge on the cultural and traditional treasures of India to young minds in a fun-filled learning environment

    Since December 15-January 15 is the month of Margazhi, the theme for this competition is Andal/Kodhai.
To learn about Andal, kids can attend a fun filled, interactive story session on December 17, 2011 from 5.30 PM at Fremont Hindu Temple (3676 Delaware Dr, Fremont CA 94538)
    To register in this competition and for more details, contact us @ gopakuteeram(dot)bayarea@gmail.com or godivinity(dot)bayarea@gmail.com

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