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Single Lady Moving To Berlin

Discussion in 'Indians in Germany' started by Bluelagoon, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Bluelagoon

    Bluelagoon Senior IL'ite

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    Hi friends,

    What tips can u give for a single indian lady moving to berlin for work?
    Am looking to gather as much info as possible!!!! Thx ladies !
    How to manage alone without knowing german? Pls share ur experiences
    Also i have few doubts like:
    1) What neighborhood is safe for ladies, quiet at night? Office is in prenzluer berg so prefer something close/commmutable to it
    2) What shd v carry from india? like do we need to carry pressure cooker , spices etc? Is it allowed to carry spices like sambar powder etc?

  2. ursanvita

    ursanvita New IL'ite

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    I always felt safe in Berlin even at nights, though sometimes I heard to be careful.
    If your office is not providing accommodation, try to search online somewhere near to office, even if it is little far
    away it should be okay, becoz public transport is quite good there.
    There are Indian stores available, so you get all those spices, you can still carry if your luggage permits.
    Better carry pressure cooker from India. Even I dont know german, but havent faced any issues. You always find someone who can speak English to help you, may not be the case in some places in Germany.

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