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Seeking Online / Offline western clothing business ideas / partnership in Germany

Discussion in 'Indians in Germany' started by reca, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. reca

    reca Silver IL'ite

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    Hello IL,
    Hope you all Enjoying the snow flakes this season .
    I am reca, I am a Software Engineer in Munich . I am very fond of my career in Software Industry. I love updating myself with new technology and trends. I am from Bangalore. I am looking to open a e-commerce business in clothing line .
    However I dono the entry point. Is anyone out there already doing such a business in Germany looking for partnership ? I am very much interested .
    Or People with similar interest can team up and work on a business plan . Idea is to import high quality western clothes from India and sell across Germany through online using Amazon Platform . Any sugesstions / ideas / business partner offers are welcome .

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